Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 9

Okay, but seriously, why do norns do this?

Are they maybe trying to slap the unconscious awake? Is that a scripted thing? Does it ever actually work? Where did that egg come from?

At least he finally got to pass peacefully behind the tunnel wall, where no one bothered him.

RIP first gen goldie, aka (if I'm recalling correctly), "eat."

Look at this conspiring trio. You'd think they planned this.


  1. There's no stimuli or instinct related to collapsed Norns, best what I know.
    There is a breed of magical Ettins that can awaken their fallen companions, but I haven't played or studied it, I believe Norngirl made it.

    Best theory I can come up with - perhaps seeing one of their own collapse does make them afraid through the engine script, but I think whether it does or not, a totally immobile Norn freaks out their fight or flight response.

    If two Norns are crowded, they'll slap one another or withdraw from one another. A collapsed Norn can't withdraw and thus sort of pushes the still conscious norns to slap.

    ... I absolutely can't explain why a bunch of Norns would continue slapping that specific Norn, though.

    1. Hmm good point, it does make sense that scared and crowded norns would get extra slappy. Sure results in some weird emergent behavior though.

    2. Like a lot of instinct and engine decisions I suppose.
      I just realized the crazy chemical concoction Norns get from cliff edges might actually make them dumber and more likely to fall off edges.

  2. Perhaps after seeing the Hand interact with unconscious norns and revive them, they were trying to mimic it?

    1. Hmm, considering I revive them from the science kit rather than tickling/slapping them in any way, I don't think they would draw the conclusion between interacting and revival. Norns are so weird.