Among the many, many posts on this blog there are quite a few downloads scattered about. This page is a list of all downloads available on this blog with links to the posts that feature them, so you don't have to go rooting through all the pages to find that one agent you're looking for! Please be sure to also read my distribution polices if you have any questions about modifying or sharing these downloads with others (but note that these policies only apply to my own content).

All files are for Docking Station unless otherwise specified.

Note: The Garden Box and all related agents are hosted on their own site, Garden Box Central.

These are all-inclusive .agent files, just drop in your My Agents folder and inject!

Mind Arrows
Splicer DS
SERU Contact Button
Population Control Options
Catalogue Tester
Protective Tub (Autonamer)
Magic Words Core
Magic Words: SERU
Magic Words: Cloning
Magic Words: Hand-Teaching
Magic Words: Love and War
Magic Words: Random Contact 
Magic Words: Room Edits
Advanced Muco
Creature Crossbreeding
Peaceful Death 
Critical Hit
Interactive Eggs
Creature Nametags
Magic Words: Auras
Magic Words: Marks
Magic Words: Air Bubbles
Speech Bubbles Upgrade
1999 Creatures 3 Yule Pack Conversions
Scenario Script: Hera
Magic Words: CA Trackers
Advanced Protective Tub
Import Faces Patch
SERU Drop Point
Popapple Patch Plant
Autoject Startup Injector
CAOS Command Line History
Egg History
Magic Words Superbreeders Kit
Magic Words Inject

Experimental cosfiles
These .cos files are simple scripts or experimental files. Inject them per-world with JECT or your preferred cos injection application.

Generation Check
Highgen Generator
Highgen Generator (old)

Bootstrap cosfiles
These cosfiles are fixes and alterations that are meant to be added to your bootstrap/010 folder to affect all future worlds, but you can chose to inject them per-world if you wish.

New Shortcuts
No Seasonal Gender Bias
Bypass Import Cloning
Wolf Control Fix
CV shortcuts* For Creatures Village!

Other Tools

Monastery by RProgrammer, a tool for merging multiple agents into one