Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just a few other things

I have a few last things for you guys, if rough and untested:

The first thing is pretty much useless right now, at least til the warp goes back up, but it's a very simple magic words command, "random contact" that, assuming you are online, picks a random online user and adds them to your contacts list if they are not already on it. Basically a way to add people to your contacts without having to warp out random norns to them. Type it in, spam Ctrl + S a few times, and keep reloading your contacts list until the desired person appears. It's pretty boring and unrefined, and maybe I'll turn it into something better later, but it's not like it's that painful to hit Ctrl+S a few times, Anyway. Download it here. Requires Magic Words Core, as always.

The second thing has been requested a few times, so I've put together a release version of it-- that is the Creature Nametags you see on LNA and in a few of my posts/videos. Injecting this will make your creature's names appear under their feet, color-coded according to gender. If you are online and the creature has warped before, the name of the original breeder will appear as a secondary tag under their name.

If you have Magic Words installed, this agent comes with Magic Words commands to change the secondary tag of the selected creature: "set tag [text]" and "reset tag", so you can label your creatures however you want.

Again, this agent is a little rough around the edges and probably still needs further tweaking, but I'm trying to follow my impulses to just get stuff out there so people can start enjoying it, rather than having them sit unused by the masses because I don't find it perfect enough, hah.
Download Creature Nametags here. (Updated 12/7/21)

Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated!

Note: The Creature Nametags were updated on 11/25/17 with multiple fixes. You can view the update post for more details. If you are having problems with the new version, you can still download the old version here.
Note 2: The Creature Nametags were updated again on 12/7/21 with even more fixes. Here's the release post, and the link to the old version if you want it.