Monday, November 14, 2011

Interactive Egg Script

Tying up most of my loose-end projects with this modified egg script. This script, similar to the critical hit script and crossbreeding script, is meant to just add an extra bit of flavor to the game. It makes eggs a little bit more interactive-- you and your creatures can both tickle and slap them. Tickling (clicking for the hand and pushing for creatures) warms them up a bit and speeds their development, while slapping (shift+clicking for the hand and hitting for creatures) damages the eggs and may injure or even kill the unborn creature. Eggs will also generally hatch a bit faster than normal.

Tip 1: If your creatures have gotten a little slap-happy with an egg, tickling it as much as you can may help the unborn creature heal.

Tip 2: A freshly-laid egg may need to be picked up and set down again before it responds to tickles and slaps.

I have been passively tweaking and using this script for some time now, but it hasn't really been rigorously tested (pretty much no testing at all with grendel/ettin eggs), so let me know if you run into any problems.

Download the Interactive Egg Script.


  1. I always wondered how awesome it would be if the hand could tamper with eggs in more ways then one.

  2. Another awesome release! It will be nice to have creatures interact with eggs, although hopefully they'll decide to avoid any slapping fits!

    Quick note: The original link looks like it's only partially correct. Going to should be correct. Looks like the link in the post only includes the name of the file. Not a big deal, since it's still downloadable!

    Thanks again!

  3. I love adding realism to a game, and now there can actually be some danger with grendels kidnapping eggs!

    Before, if a grendel kidnapped an egg the only danger would be after the egg hatched to the baby norn, now, even though there's no actual animation for it, an egg can actually be destroyed by a grendel. Yay!

    Thank you for this!