Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 10

The faintings get more and more frequent, and they do more organ damage every time, resulting in more faintings. I've noticed now that some of the faintings are not just hunger related, but I haven't had time to check out what is actually causing them because I have to rush to save another fainted norn. This is getting to be a lost cause, but I have to admit I'm just really attached to some of these norns, especially the moms for some reason.

I noticed mama goldie making this pose a lot, but not actually laying an egg. She must be having some trouble.

..but when I checked the kit I noticed I actually have three norns with stuck pregnancies, and I'm not sure how long they've been that way. I'm not sure if that was what caused the uptick in faintings, or if all the fainting and resulting organ damage had just rendered them all incapable of laying eggs on their own.

I rummaged through my injector kit and found this. It worked a charm. I'm not sure if it was included with the install or if I downloaded it at some point; I can't seem to find the source, but I'm glad I have it. 

I guess I've got quite a few eggs lying around now. I don't really feel like hatching them just yet when I'm trying to keep everyone else alive, but I guess we'll see how the next few days go. I get the feeling it won't be long before liquid food and defibrilliant aren't enough to keep these fragile things going anymore. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 9

Okay, but seriously, why do norns do this?

Are they maybe trying to slap the unconscious awake? Is that a scripted thing? Does it ever actually work? Where did that egg come from?

At least he finally got to pass peacefully behind the tunnel wall, where no one bothered him.

RIP first gen goldie, aka (if I'm recalling correctly), "eat."

Look at this conspiring trio. You'd think they planned this.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 8


can you just

....yes, stop. Stop passing out and just learn to eat, please.

Why? Because this world is miserable enough and I'm not sure why I'm still watching/playing. Except maybe so I can more deeply appreciate the newer genomes when I try them out.

No, you stop.

At least when this generation finally on to silicon heaven, I'll have plenty of eggs. Not sure where this one is from.

Augh, not again.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 7

I feel like I should warn you that this post is a little horrifying. I guess if you've play this game long enough you've probably become disenchanted with strange and sometimes sickening norn behavior, but wow I didn't really expect this to go down the way it did.

When one of the second generation goldies collapsed again, I decided, you know what, nature can take its course this time. There are three near-identical male goldies in the world right now, and none of them are especially dear to me. I can't keep everyone running on glucose IVs forever. This is where I'm drawing the line.

Well, the nearby creatures almost immediately gathered around and started tickling, and of all things, slapping him backwards until he was flung into the farthest corner of the room, all while he was still unconscious. I have no idea what prompts this behavior in norns but they were all doing it together and it was freaking me out.

I don't really have words for this, so here's the rest of the pictures. I'm not sure if they're terrifying or heartbreaking.

Rest in peace, unnamed goldie.

We now return to our regularly scheduled misery.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 6

Time for another update from the land of tired norns that crowd around the lift but refuse to use it.

Well, this is nice to see! These two are quickly becoming my favorites.

Also, it appears that the second dormant egg has been chucked down the shaft to join the first. I'm hoping that when I'm ready for more norns I can just reactivate them where they are without moving them. It sure would be nice to have some norns not in the incubator room.

This prolific mama goldie doesn't stop laying eggs though.

Oh, at least until that happens. I really should find a way to teach these norns to eat sometime. Keeping up with all the liquid food injections is getting tedious. She's okay now though.

Seeing parents interact with their kids is always nice, even if it's just commiserating.

I guess none of this is terribly interesting, but then, I was kind of expecting that from the beginning after all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 5

Laying that egg took a lot out of pixie-mom I guess, since it wasn't long before she passed out again. There was no way I was going to let her die after she gave me that precious child though, so I got her back up as soon as I could.

No, please don't hit. You look too tired to hit anyone anyway.

Wow, the emerald's going to be a mom! And wow, she's not smiling; that must have been tiring.

Oh wait no, there she goes, smiling again. Also for some reason she's in the air. They sure do like to crowd together.

One of the young goldies flopped over from hunger again, and I didn't really give a second though to rescuing him. I guess it's habit now.

The exhausted herd migrates from one side of the incubator room to the other. Ever think of going up or down, guys?

I didn't see who laid this egg, but I did see a norn pick it up and drop it down the elevator shaft. I guess if you don't want to go down there, send your unborn offspring, sure, why not.

Wow, I forgot how heartbreaking the sad expression can be sometimes. I feel like the entire atmosphere of this group is kind of sad and hopeless. I kind of feel bad starting this world of creatures with known problematic genetics, like they're all just doomed to be sad and tired forever.

The precious goldpixie watches over this egg. I'm not sure why it hasn't hatched, I forget if it was in C2 that eggs won't hatch once they've been picked up by other norns? Or maybe it's because there's already eight norns? I've realized I don't even know the default population limit in C2. Either way, I'm fine letting it sit for now. There's enough going on.

The gang's all here! And they're all... tired, save that one goldie.

I'm starting to feel tired too.