Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 5

Laying that egg took a lot out of pixie-mom I guess, since it wasn't long before she passed out again. There was no way I was going to let her die after she gave me that precious child though, so I got her back up as soon as I could.

No, please don't hit. You look too tired to hit anyone anyway.

Wow, the emerald's going to be a mom! And wow, she's not smiling; that must have been tiring.

Oh wait no, there she goes, smiling again. Also for some reason she's in the air. They sure do like to crowd together.

One of the young goldies flopped over from hunger again, and I didn't really give a second though to rescuing him. I guess it's habit now.

The exhausted herd migrates from one side of the incubator room to the other. Ever think of going up or down, guys?

I didn't see who laid this egg, but I did see a norn pick it up and drop it down the elevator shaft. I guess if you don't want to go down there, send your unborn offspring, sure, why not.

Wow, I forgot how heartbreaking the sad expression can be sometimes. I feel like the entire atmosphere of this group is kind of sad and hopeless. I kind of feel bad starting this world of creatures with known problematic genetics, like they're all just doomed to be sad and tired forever.

The precious goldpixie watches over this egg. I'm not sure why it hasn't hatched, I forget if it was in C2 that eggs won't hatch once they've been picked up by other norns? Or maybe it's because there's already eight norns? I've realized I don't even know the default population limit in C2. Either way, I'm fine letting it sit for now. There's enough going on.

The gang's all here! And they're all... tired, save that one goldie.

I'm starting to feel tired too.


  1. Get the PixieGoldie out of there just so she smiles! ^.^ \o/

    And yeah, eggs touched by other Norns in C2 won't hatch. There's a COB to restart them, otherwise you have to put them in the incubator.

  2. I think I have a COB somewhere that will pause or unpause all eggs in the world at once... That's how I managed to hatch my first generation Albian Ant Norns all over the place. Definitely comes in handy! Also, that comment about tossing the unborn offspring down the elevator shaft made me laugh more than it should have! Even with all of the sad faces, this is still so much fun to follow along with.

    1. At this point in the world I was seriously concerned the only way this population would ever explore would be by chucking the next generation into the unknown and letting them deal with it!