Thursday, May 14, 2020

Elevines Revamping (and more?)

I've been meaning to slowly migrate several of my more commonly used agents to GitHub, both so I can keep them updated and other developers can easily update and fork them. I've mostly fallen in love with the issues system; it's like your project's personal tiny forum where you can track what still needs to be addressed and discuss bugs and possible features with others. Since there's not a whole lot of interaction going on right now, I'm basically using it as a public developer journal, but you all can jump in at any time if you want.

Right now I've put the elevines up, and I've opened some issues to address things like the resource usage of tinted sprites, the possibilities of using elevines as doors, and auto-CA linking. Will I actually get around to addressing all these things? Who knows. But chances of them getting addressed are a lot higher if all the issues and feature requests are listed in one page, so feel free to post your thoughts, if you have them.

Meanwhile though, are there any other agents of mine you'd like to see on GitHub, with the potential for future updates? I might hold a more formal poll eventually, but I'm just taking things as people show interest for now.

We'll see where this goes, I guess!