Wednesday, March 30, 2022

CCSF '21 Release: Magic Words Inject

Okay, I think this is the last of the super-belated CCSF '21 release posts. Thanks for bearing with me!

Magic Words Inject is simply a handy way to inject agents on the spot without having to go to the comms room, just by typing "inject [agent]." But there are a couple of catches-- first, the agent name must be typed exactly-- case sensitively and all. This also means it requires the most recent version of the Magic Words Core-- versions older than 1.2 force everything you type to lower-case and therefore will not work-- so you might need to upgrade if you haven't done so recently. Secondly, while most modern agents these days use the Creator game variable coordinates when injecting-- some of them still hard-code their injection coordinates, so those agents will still inject into the comms room and not near the hand. Still, I hope you find it useful in the right situation!

Additionally, this download includes a cos file containing the f_InjectItem CAOS function, which anyone is welcome to use in their own agents if they like. I had hoped do a better guide on how to use CAOS functions by now, but I just haven't found the focus. If you're at all interested though, there's still the old 2017 write up that at least explains how they work, though my usage of them has evolved a fair bit since then.

Hope you all had a great CCSF! That feels extra hilarious to say nearly four months later, when the first 2022 survey is already out and plans for this year are in motion, but hey! Maybe we can make this year's festival even better.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

CCSF '21 Release: Magic Words Superbreeder's Kit

Continuing trying to catch up with my CCSF '21 release posts, here is probably the most sprawling set of Magic Words commands to date! You'll really want to be sure to check out the readme for this one. 

Tweaked and tested and re-tested and revamped in tight collaboration with Mea (y'all, I cannot sing Mea's praises enough-- in addition to coming up with most of these command ideas, I have never known a more detailed and thorough agent tester in my entire developing life!), this set of commands gives you all sorts of tools that I hope you'll find useful no matter your playstyle! You can speedrun your selective breeding projects with mass insemination, pare down your population immediately by splicing all the creatures in your world together, immediately extract and hatch eggs from pregnant creatures (even allow you to rescue eggs from deceased pregnant creatures!), and a lot more. Perhaps most notably, you can use it to inseminate creatures of any gender, as demonstrated in the CCSF 2021 Day 14 video, so that anyone can start a family!

This was a lot of fun to put together and I hope you all enjoy it!

Monday, March 28, 2022

CCSF '21 Release: Speech Bubbles Upgrade 1.2

It's a little silly that I am still trying to catch up on making posts about my CCSF '21 releases several months after the fact (if I could stop getting sick for a while that would be great dhsafgjh), but here we are, and here is the latest version of the Speech Bubble Upgrades.

This new version of the upgrade replaces the old speech bubbles upgrade and rolls up all the functionality of the old (including larger speech bubbles and 'hey' creature name replacement) and adds some new stuff, most notably the ability to create and apply custom styles to your speech bubbles! You can apply your styles globally or to individual creatures and agents.

From here I have to absolutely hand it to Karithina who took this concept and ran with it, creating several unique styles that you can download from the Creatures page of their delightfully old-style site: Karathina's Nostalgia Hole. They've also put together an incredibly detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own custom styles and even created a .psd template to make the whole process easier! Check it out!

Friday, January 21, 2022

CCSF '21 Release: Egg History

Okay, I am really behind posting these now. I'll try to catch up!

I forget what the circumstances were that spawned this mod, but it's been more useful than I initially expected to be for something so simple. Egg History just lets you right click an egg in Help Mode (use F1 to toggle Help Mode on and off) to bring up its creature history, similarly to when you right click a creature in help mode. I would highly recommend pairing this with Zzzzoot's Creature History Update so you can more easily see the parents of an egg. This has made my life a lot easier in overpopulated nurturing worlds where I find myself having to pick and choose which eggs to hatch. I hope it helps you out too!

Download it here!