Friday, November 27, 2020

SERU Drop Point Release

I haven't done anything for a CCSF in a few years, and I honestly didn't even plan on it, but I had just managed to get .cos injection working in linux, and it seemed in my best interest to test my new development flow by fixing up an old agent.

Funny story about this agent is that I was absolutely convinced I had already released it three years ago. I remember even making references about it to other people, none of whom pointed out that they had no idea what I was talking about. But earlier this year I realized it's nowhere to be found in any of the usual places. I swear I remember writing the blog post for its release, but there's not even a draft in my folder. I even had a readme and a zipfile for it, totally ready to go. Am I losing my mind? Am I blindly missing my own release post? Did I hop timelines at some point? Agh!

Anyway. it was technically unofficially released in the sense that once I realized I couldn't find it anywhere public, I threw it in a discord and I think it also ended up in the eemfoo archives. But I guess it was never official.

Regardless, I went about upgrading it with some magic words commands to make this the Official CCSF-Exclusive-Special-Version even if a handful of people already have it. And then I put together a ramble-y video guide that includes a brief summary of SERU history at the beginning.

In summary though, this is a version of SERU that automatically receives eggs depending on the population in the world, with some settings to adjust the frequency. It can also be directly clicked to summon an egg whenever you like. It's mostly intended to keep random wolfling runs from dying out, or just adding a chance of random interest to your nurturing worlds. 

You can download it here! Just remember the Magic Words Core is required to use the Magic Words commands.

I might just crawl back into my cave for a while, development-wise, but you can always leave comments or email me with questions/concerns/wild ideas/etc.

Hope you're all enjoying the festival! Make sure you're keeping tabs on the CSSF 2020 blog for all the updates (and videos!)