Wednesday, March 30, 2022

CCSF '21 Release: Magic Words Inject

Okay, I think this is the last of the super-belated CCSF '21 release posts. Thanks for bearing with me!

Magic Words Inject is simply a handy way to inject agents on the spot without having to go to the comms room, just by typing "inject [agent]." But there are a couple of catches-- first, the agent name must be typed exactly-- case sensitively and all. This also means it requires the most recent version of the Magic Words Core-- versions older than 1.2 force everything you type to lower-case and therefore will not work-- so you might need to upgrade if you haven't done so recently. Secondly, while most modern agents these days use the Creator game variable coordinates when injecting-- some of them still hard-code their injection coordinates, so those agents will still inject into the comms room and not near the hand. Still, I hope you find it useful in the right situation!

Additionally, this download includes a cos file containing the f_InjectItem CAOS function, which anyone is welcome to use in their own agents if they like. I had hoped do a better guide on how to use CAOS functions by now, but I just haven't found the focus. If you're at all interested though, there's still the old 2017 write up that at least explains how they work, though my usage of them has evolved a fair bit since then.

Hope you all had a great CCSF! That feels extra hilarious to say nearly four months later, when the first 2022 survey is already out and plans for this year are in motion, but hey! Maybe we can make this year's festival even better.


  1. Hi there, i used to be active in the Creatures community a while ago as jdownie. Do you know if any of the forums or chats are still active?

    1. Hey there! I remember you! I believe the bulk of the community these days is active in various Discord servers, check out !