Friday, October 28, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 8


can you just

....yes, stop. Stop passing out and just learn to eat, please.

Why? Because this world is miserable enough and I'm not sure why I'm still watching/playing. Except maybe so I can more deeply appreciate the newer genomes when I try them out.

No, you stop.

At least when this generation finally on to silicon heaven, I'll have plenty of eggs. Not sure where this one is from.

Augh, not again.


  1. On my end, I finally got a 1st generation Norn from my breed all the way up to old age.
    It was the less successful and smart of the two males, but he managed to live until 10 hours, 55 minutes.

    He was dumb by the end. Really, really dumb. I guess they new what they were doing shortening Norn lifespan. Still, I should be able to produce the first version with reworked instincts soon. Maybe things will get better.

    1. Wow, almost 11 hours! Even the DS Bondi norns don't live to 8, and most don't live to 6. Norns losing their mind as they age is a foreign concept to me, but then I've worked so long with robotic-level-instinct-driven DS norns so much where 'old age' means little more than a lighter fur color.

      I'd say 'I guess I'll get to experience norns losing their minds myself soon' but I guess first I have to experience norns that have minds to begin with.

    2. I played Creatures 2, then Docking Station, then Creatures 1, then C2 and Docking Station simultaneously, the first with my own breed.
      So I'm actually used to the number ascending (C2 has 5 hours 20 minutes as the predicted death time for most Norns, DS depends on breed but most of mine were the 4-8 hour period, C1 can supposedly live to the 9-13 hours period and my own breed was supposed to live 10 hours 5-10 minutes but this one ended up living quite a bit longer.

      Now in a 'themed' world I'm playing out in DS I used a single female of a breed that is supposed to live even about 18 hours.
      Thing is, if she or all of the other Norns marked as 'special' die out, the world goes from fluff and rainbows to possible nornpocalypse, so it made sense to use such a long-lived breed.

  2. Also, is it just me or is goldpixie fascinated with eggs?
    Is this a retcon where her genetic material will be used to splice C3DS grendels?

    1. I noticed that too! It's really kind of endearing.