Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 7

I feel like I should warn you that this post is a little horrifying. I guess if you've play this game long enough you've probably become disenchanted with strange and sometimes sickening norn behavior, but wow I didn't really expect this to go down the way it did.

When one of the second generation goldies collapsed again, I decided, you know what, nature can take its course this time. There are three near-identical male goldies in the world right now, and none of them are especially dear to me. I can't keep everyone running on glucose IVs forever. This is where I'm drawing the line.

Well, the nearby creatures almost immediately gathered around and started tickling, and of all things, slapping him backwards until he was flung into the farthest corner of the room, all while he was still unconscious. I have no idea what prompts this behavior in norns but they were all doing it together and it was freaking me out.

I don't really have words for this, so here's the rest of the pictures. I'm not sure if they're terrifying or heartbreaking.

Rest in peace, unnamed goldie.

We now return to our regularly scheduled misery.


  1. It honestly looks like they're lifting his corpse and stating they're going to eat it...
    "Let's cook'im!"
    "No, let's sacrifice him to the Hand and Gods of the Lift!"

    And the gold pixie is like...
    "This Norn wasn't born yet... I hope he never sees what I have to deal with... I hope you're all dead by the time he breaks out of this egg..."

    By the way, did you try planting the 'bouncing spring'-type toy in that level of the incubator? Because of engine issues it occasionaly bumps Norns right out of the incubator area and into the desert.

    1. Hah, norns are so weird. Their actions could really be interpreted as anything.

      Hmm, I'll keep that in mind. I am half-tempted to try to use other methods to get them out of the incubator area, but it's been such a weird running thing now that they haven't left for so long, I'm not sure I want to cheapen the first great escape. I might change my mind about that later though. This is getting pretty ridiculous.

  2. Creatures 2 Norns can be so odd. I think Venethil got it right! At least in C1, they seem to look pensively at dead bodies as if to hold a moment of silence for them. And then the saddest moments are when a friend dies, and the living Norn or Grendel tries to tickle the other back to life. Like you said, though, all of these actions can be interpreted as anything. Still, I like to think Norns have some sort of kindness in them... Just not in Creatures 2. Those ones? Just doing things their own way and making us players shake our heads!

    1. Yeah, weird stuff like this if nothing else inspires me a bit to keep playing, tinkering, and trying to understand just what is going on in those strange digital brains!