Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 2

 In the end, I thought a little too long about whether or not to rescue the pixie again, and his heart gave out before I could fire up the science kit. Farewell, stock genome pixie norn, We hardly knew you.

 Meanwhile, an egg appeared! I heard some kisspopping going on but I wasn't paying enough attention to who was doing it, let alone who laid the egg. So I was a little surprised when a pure golden desert norn hatched out! It's too soon to guess, but maybe the goldens are just a little more fertile than the genome used as the base for the other norns. I know they had an updated genome but I'm uncertain what all the changes were. Wasn't one of them the addition of the dancing gaits/poses? My memory is super foggy on that one.

right, right

left, left

Wait, did this norn actually name himself "eat"?

Most everyone seems so miserable though. I remember this being a pretty normal thing in C2 though, I think due to sleeping being messed up and creatures just being tired forever. There's a sleep script fix COB that I think came with one of the object packs but then while looking up COBs on old fansites I found one to remove that sleep fix claiming that it doesn't work or makes the problem worse? So I guess I am not sure what to believe now.


  1. I, too, have read that the official sleep fix COB has its issues and actually does more harm. The exhausted faces in Creatures 2 always got to me... I think at times I thought it was too depressing to play because it took so much to make a Norn happy again. This was especially difficult due to the fact that they had absolutely no desire to improve their lot in life. Tired, hungry, crowded, and sad seemed to be what everyone was into. Ha! I believe some updated genomes improved this immensely, but it's nice to see how flawed the default genomes are. Just goes to show how everyone else managed to improve the game!

    1. If nothing else, the C2 tired faces remind me just how smiley C3/DS norns are. The tired face is a pretty rare sight in the newer games, and I don't think there's even a sad expression.