Sunday, October 23, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 3

 It's weird that still no one has bothered to push/pull the lift and everyone is still in the incubator room, especially when they are so interested in push/pulling/getting everything else that manages to get in the room. But hey, I'm just impressed that this one actually managed to learn the word 'bug' at some point, I assume from the doozer.

Another egg appears, and everyone seems really excited, baffled, and confused about what the heck it is! Again, I didn't pay attention to who laid the egg, so I wasn't sure what was going to come out.

....Another pure goldie? Okay, I wasn't expecting that.

Why, indeed. I guess goldies are extra fertile, or maybe just become fertile earlier than normal norns.

Some father-son bonding time I guess (Wow, he really is calling himself Eat, that's hilarious). 

When the female pixie keeled over from never-freaking-eating syndrome, I was about to just let her go, when I noticed.

She's expecting. And at least I know this baby won't be pure goldie! Hopefully I can actually save this one in time.


  1. Norns in a group this big won't sleep or eat. Well, the standard Norns probably won't...

    The only way for them to actually do something is if one of them FINALLY gets out of there and starts exploring.

    ... This will end with them drowning, however. Sometimes even with a pufferfish...

    Poor, dumb, 252/256 norns.

    1. Hah, I find myself wondering who will be the first to venture out! I get the feeling it won't be within this generation though.

    2. At this point, even going down with the elevator would be a blessing for them >.>

      But, alas. Best you can hope for at the time is probably one of them getting obsessed with either the lift-call button or the lift buttons themselves.

  2. I remember how awful it was to try to encourage exploration... I had the same problem with everyone crowding around this area, and nothing helped. I think at one point I sent the submarine over to try to help. Yet I think that oddly ended in some drowning? That sea is really perilous without a single Puffer Fish about!

    1. Hmm, I totally forgot about the submarine, wow. I guess it goes to show how little I remember about this game! Maybe I'll consider sending it over eventually and see what happens.