Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Magic Words: Love and War module

Back for CCSF '09 I got around to releasing some keyboard shortcuts that I had found useful over the years. But out of all of them, I think the ones that saw the most use were ctrl+9 and ctrl+shift+9 -- they were shortcuts that globally encouraged creatures to breed or fight respectively.

Since writing up the Magic Words system, I've found it much more useful for things like this, especially since unlike keys on a keyboard, there are a nearly infinite number of words and phrases to define. So I rewrote it, for my own convenience as well as yours.

So this rather simple Magic Words module puts two commands at your fingertips: "love time" and "war time". Fairly self-explanatory, entering one of these phrases will encourage all creatures in the world to act accordingly, giving you a quick way to either increase or decrease your population.

This can be an especially handy tool for those trying to crossbreed creatures, because unlike the old keyboard shortcut version and/or most aphrodisiac agents that only encourage creatures to push other creatures of their species, entering "love time" will encourage creatures to push any living creature nearby, regardless of species. As an added bonus, the command will also encourage any already pregnant females to lay their eggs.

Download it here! Remember, this requires the Magic Words core to work.


  1. Awesome! but is there a Neither time?

  2. Awesome! Pirate-Rob's suggestion is a great idea: Sometimes it's just nice for creatures to calm down and do nothing to change the population.

    Definitely trying this out with the crossbreeding script! Thanks so much!

  3. A neither time! XD I hadn't thought of that. What do you imagine that would do, just make the creatures perfectly content to do nothing?

  4. I would imagine it would keep creatures from breeding and hitting completely, but would still keep them interested in other things like eating, playing, roaming around, etc.

    But it was Pirate-Rob's original idea: Perhaps he has something else in mind!

  5. Perhaps 'neither time' is an undo for the 'love time' and 'war time' mods - let the creatures act freely again?

    The video would be approximately 20% cooler if it had Turn, Turn, Turn in the background. XD

  6. XD You're right Malkin, that would make an amusing addition.
    The effects of the love/war time commands are very temporary, similar to one pluck of cupid's lyre, so I'm not sure an undo is necessary. Though making them permanent "switches" like a persistent mind-control kind of thing is something I hadn't considered (kind of a scary thought, now that I think of it).

  7. This looks so awsome but my pc wont let me download docking station anymore T.T