Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crossbreeding Script. About time too!

So a long, long time ago, just for the heck of it and to see it could be done, I wrote up a quick crossbreeding script for C3/DS. It wasn't really all that refined, and it was one of those things that sat around untested and unreleased because all I wanted to do was see if it was possible for creatures to crossbreed. Once that question was answered, I really had no desire to work on it further.

But it remained one of my most requested scripts for release, so I finally got around to refining it, and with some helpful testing by Mea, I'm finally getting around to releasing it today.

Now, you have to understand something when using this script-- it's not going to make all your creatures suddenly fall in love and have lots of hybrid babies. Even though this script will enable creatures of different species to breed if they are both very fertile and push each other enough, norns, ettins, and grendels are still not genetically attracted to each other, and it will take a lot of encouragement from the hand and various aphrodisiac agents to get them to push each other. Instinctless norns, I've found, are a bit more open to the idea than other creatures, but still not easy to sway. Where this script really has the potential to shine, however, is with hybrid creatures that may be of one species but have inherited the breeding instincts of another. Provided it finds a willing mate, a creature no longer has to be limited by its species.

One thing to note is that this script does not take into account for twin chances, or mutation rates due to heavy metals. Maybe in a later release (like three years later at this rate, hah.)

In the meantime, download the crossbreeding script here. This comes with both a cosfile and an agent--use whichever you see fit. Extra thanks to Mea for testing!


  1. Thank you Amaikokonut! This will be fun to play with.

  2. Awesome, indeed! I remember watching this video awhile back, and finding it very interesting. I'll be having some fun with this soon. Thanks!

  3. Yet another extremely interesting and useful item! Thank you for this!

  4. Oh yeah, this was definitely one I was hoping to see finished.
    I hate being buried under work right now. The CCSF has had so many good releases and I can't wait to start playing with a few of them. Your releases Amaikokonut, are some of the best ;)

  5. Just going to say thanks for this, works perfectly! There have been a few naturally occurred hybrids :]