Friday, May 18, 2012

Magic Words Room Edits

Alright, apologize for the rushed and sub-par quality of the video, but it should show you the basics of how to use this thing:

Commands are as follows:

DMap - Toggles the debug map on and off, allowing you to see room boundaries and know exactly what you're doing.

RType - Toggles the bit of text next to the hand that tells you the type of the room you're touching.

DoorR [boundary] - Sets the boundary of the room "door" to the right of the hand, between 0 (nothing passes through) and 100 (Everything passes through)

DoorD [boundary] - Sets the boundary of the room "door" underneath the hand, between 0 (nothing passes through) and 100 (Everything passes through)

Room Type [type] - Changes the type of the room the hand is in. You can either type the Room Type number from 0 to 10, or the name of the room type itself. Entering "Room Type Help" will bring up a list of room type numbers and names.

Find CA Links - Creates symbolic colored dots in rooms that have a CA link in them. These dots can be clicked to move to the room they are linked with. Creatures cannot see or use these dots-- they are purely for user information. Note that this command can take several seconds to several minutes to finish, depending on the size of the world.

Hide CA Links
- Hides the CA Link dots (does not affect the links themselves)

Make CA Link -  Use this command twice-- once in the first room you wish to CA link, and again in the second room to complete the link. If you start a link but do not complete it, the linking process will be canceled after several seconds. All links are created with a strength of 1 (max)

Break CA Link -  Use while the hand is hovering over a CA link dot. Destroys the CA link between the rooms corresponding to the dot. It is important to use this command to break links as other methods such as kill hots will remove the dot, but not actually break the link.

After my huge writeup on the importance of CAs, I couldn't not come up with a tool to make that whole process easier, and it follows in the spirit of the Garden Box and other such efforts I've been making to make the world as customizable as possible

Download the Magic Words: Room Edits. As always, requires the Magic Words Core to work. This hasn't had more than a few hours of bugtesting, so please let me know if you run into any problems. 


  1. You're a genius. Enough said.

  2. This is such a wonderful thing! Ever since I linked up for things in C1toDS, my norns have been traveling everywhere and even using that cable-car they used to ignore.

  3. Can't wait to play with this. I'm amazed you put it together so quickly, thanks for that!

    @Anonomous: Thanks for the heads up about C1toDS. I love C2toDS but it seems to suffer from the same problems. Hopefully with this new addon I'll be able to get my creatures migrating around the whole world.

  4. I've started testing the Room Edits and most of it seems to be working fine (although the test Norn I hatched is obsessed with lifts, which isn't helping). The problem I've run into is that the 'DMap' command doesn't seem to be working. I've tried using different versions of the uppercase and lowercase (although judging by your video this shouldn't be the issue) and regrettably nothing happens.

    The rest of the commands seem to work, but it's a little hard to be 100% sure without the Dmap overlay.

    1. Found the "dmap 1" command from your last post. Although the Dmap command via the Magic Words still isn't working, I've been able to test all the other commands without fail.
      Making me so damn happy to see Norns navigating around the world intelligently. Suddenly they don't seem quite as thick as I used to think :D

    2. That's really strange, I'll have to look into it. It works fine both on my computer and on my LNA computer... I wonder if this is affecting everyone or just certain people.

  5. @ArchDragon Room Changer has the same sort of map, and it works with the Magic Words commands(I just tested it to make sure).

  6. You can always open the CAOS command line (ctrl+shift+c) and type "dmap 1" for the same effect. "dmap 0" will return things to normal. Obviously without the quotes.

    This is fantastic, Amai, I'll definitely be using this!

  7. One bad part about this thing is that it slows down my worlds randomly when adding alot of CA links. Plus is did make my game freeze when adding CA links.

    1. Making CA links, or Finding them?

      Finding them is a very slow process because it has to check every single room against every other room, but just creating new links shouldn't be causing it to slow down. (Is anyone else experiencing slowdowns/freezes on link creation?)

    2. Its when creating them. The game froze up completely one time while I was using C1toDS. The other time it just slowed down horribley when I was setting up C2toDS. So maybe it's just really large metarooms that have a problem?

  8. This is absolutely amazing! I can hardly wait until you release the garden box, but messing with this should definitely make the time go faster. :P You develop some really interesting things. Not to mention it's nice to see my norns actually using lifts and such.

  9. I'm terribly late and still have yet to try this, but I had to jump in and say that this is another work of a pure genius! I can't wait to fix some metarooms and let my creatures actually enjoy moving around. Great work, as always! And thanks so much for sharing these ideas and creations with everyone!

  10. Soooo, what happened to you and the Garden Box?

  11. I seem to have a recurring error with this when trying to find CA links.

    Here it is:
    "Runtime error in agent 1 200 18 script 1 200 18 1005 unique id 834594
    Slice attempted outside string
    ... va01 1 addv va02 2 {@}sets name "set1_rooms" subs na ...

    Windows NT/2000 5.1 build 2600 (Service Pack 2)
    OriginalDisplay DirectX (netbabel 148)
    Thu May 02 13:39:44 2013 - pheonix - 2.286 b195"

    Any idea what's going on here?