Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Puppeteer Public Release

So, I finally made my creature-posing program available to the public. You can download it on github! It doesn't do as much as I had hoped for, but you can export your poses to transparent PNGs, which might be useful for graphic-making.

Theoretically you can also use it to test ATTs without opening the game, though if you're using it for that, you'll probably want to grab the older 1.0 version to get the pose details.

I want to be more excited about this! This was my first 'real' Java project, and certainly the biggest thing I've ever done that wasn't written in CAOS. (I didn't think it would ever happen, did you?) But I'm just kind of bummed out that I don't have it in me to finish it. There's an issue with the dependencies that, unless someone more more skilled than me is able to write around, prevents me from really making substantial progress with it. But I've been sitting on it for over a year now, so it's better off being out in the wild.

Still, I hope someone can get some use out of what's there! Maybe someday the issues will be fixed and I'll have time to work on it again, or something better will come along, or both.

If nothing else, it was a lot of fun (if slightly hilarious) to work on! Here are some bonus, in-progress shots for you:

Thanks for sticking with me, friends!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Elevines Revamping (and more?)

I've been meaning to slowly migrate several of my more commonly used agents to GitHub, both so I can keep them updated and other developers can easily update and fork them. I've mostly fallen in love with the issues system; it's like your project's personal tiny forum where you can track what still needs to be addressed and discuss bugs and possible features with others. Since there's not a whole lot of interaction going on right now, I'm basically using it as a public developer journal, but you all can jump in at any time if you want.

Right now I've put the elevines up, and I've opened some issues to address things like the resource usage of tinted sprites, the possibilities of using elevines as doors, and auto-CA linking. Will I actually get around to addressing all these things? Who knows. But chances of them getting addressed are a lot higher if all the issues and feature requests are listed in one page, so feel free to post your thoughts, if you have them.

Meanwhile though, are there any other agents of mine you'd like to see on GitHub, with the potential for future updates? I might hold a more formal poll eventually, but I'm just taking things as people show interest for now.

We'll see where this goes, I guess!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

GitHub is trending in the CC

Well, hello for the first time in almost two years. I hope you're all doing okay in this... particularly weird time.

I just wanted to note that I've stuck the little work I've done in the past on C3 Garden Box Conversions on GitHub, where you're all free to contribute your own edits and improvements to the agents. Even if you're not a developer, you can suggest features or improvements on the issues page. My own development time and attention span are limited, but I'll try to check pull requests as they show up.

If you're unfamiliar with how Git and GitHub work, there's a pretty beginner-friendly guide here. And a good way to get your feet wet is to contribute to the Awesome Creatures development resources list. It's complicated at first, but you learn the flow of things pretty quickly.

Additionally, If you enjoy developing for Creatures and want to potentially get involved in some team stuff, consider joining the GitHub Creatures Developer Network. You don't have to be a member to contribute to any of the projects, but it'll make things easier.

Hope you're all taking care, friends.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Albian Warp Updates

Sorry for the lack of Nothing Exciting updates lately! The truth is I've been a little busy with something, well, a little bit more exciting. I got involved in the Albian Warp project a while back and now I'm making a series of posts over at the Albian Warp blog detailing all the craziness we've been through trying to hack the warp back together. It's been quite a wild ride so far! Still, I'm starting to really miss my C2 world and I'm hoping to get back into it soon. Thanks for sticking around!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Nothing Exciting, Part 29

I had been getting a bunch of these concerning errors again, and a few world crashes later I decided maybe I should move worlds before things went totally pear-shaped. After exporting everyone, out of utter curiosity I tried hatching the other cloned egg, just in case. What emerged was a plain generation 1 Hebe norn, which, while hilarious and strange, wasn't something I needed in my world right now. I opted to leave him out of this round. The inner workings of C2 are such a mystery to me.

While I've been running these world with very few updates, patches, or cobs, I decided to get a little crazy with this one and see how it affected my gameplay. I made note of everything I injected, so hopefully if something goes wrong I can narrow things down. But I'm not sure why, for the life of me, I thought injecting the fishing update was important when I was going to inject the ocean bridges anyway. Oh well.

I imported Ben first, and realized right away that I wanted to take a little more time to teach him before importing the others-- a rare moment of privacy rife with educational opportunity.

I spent several minutes with him, teaching him words, how to eat, and so on until his only drive was a mild loneliness. He was such a happy baby, or so it seemed.

It wasn't moments after I imported Colm that the exhausted expression fell over Ben's face and he began to regret expressing any desire for companionship at all. Socializing is hard work.

Colm wonders why his arms are suddenly attached to the corners of his mouth. These are the mysteries.

I spent a lot of time in the beginning making sure Ben loved the hand, in hopes that I could persuade him more easily to follow me later. As Ben is professing his adoration, Colm, who was headed towards the lift, suddenly turned around and felt that he had to say something.

Even as he naps, Ben murmurs his wishes. But Colm seems to firmly disagree with such an idea. I might need to take some time to train him too. 

I didn't forget about Eric, even though I don't think I've really mentioned him since he was born. When I imported him I moved him up to the desert so as to not crowd the other two.

I really wanted to teach him some words, but he kept running away every time I sat down the laptop to play with something. At least he has a healthy desire for exploration.

I decided to import Amber and Adam together onto the bridge. Adam seems a little bit annoyed by all this moving around.

I initially imported Doreen to the other side of the bridge, but those legs won't stay still! I'm sure she'll meet the others soon.

Annd.. oh dear, it looks like Eric just figured out what happens when you push weather with Clouds of the Gods injected! That update alone is sure to make things more interesting. I hope this world stays stable long enough to see how these updates impact things.