Sunday, December 17, 2023

CCSF '23 Release: Speech Repeater

Grab the download here! (REQUIRES Magic Words Core 1.3 and Updated Magic Words Agents, as well as Speech Bubble Upgrades 1.2)

This, this right here, is the reason I had to rewrite the Magic Words Core. And it was totally worth it. It was Mea's idea, and I think it's the whole reason I ended up working with connectable agents and generally trying out a lot of new stuff. She also provided a ton of lovely sprites for the exterior of the agent, so don't miss out on clicking that bottom button!

Note that you don't HAVE to use this as a connectable agent-- clicking the top antenna button will activate the command itself. Just make sure you remember to hit "enter" after typing in the box, otherwise it won't register and it may hog focus of the text input, meaning it won't let you type normally into the speech bubble until you find the agent and hit enter. (or, just as a general tip, if you ever find you can't type in the hand's speech bubble, quickly opening and closing the CAOS command line (shift+ctrl+c) will reset the text focus to the hand's speech bubble again).

I'm sure you all can get more creative with this than me, so let me know what you end up building!

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