Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Older Highgen Generator

As per request, I'm posting an older version of my Highgen Generator script up here.

This one is much slower and sloppier, but as I mentioned before, the purpose of the script was to create highgens as fast as possible, and that meant sacrificing any interest in the actual creatures. Older versions of the script actually spliced creatures with themselves or parents/siblings instead of a random first-gen genome, which allowed for mutations to carry down the line. However, it came with a whole lot of problems, the most prominent of which being that since creatures didn't have to be alive to be spliced (and culling stillborns slowed down the process of getting highgens), I ended up with thousands of creatures that were not only dead, but mutated to ridiculous extremes.

I basically had a few choices-- I could be content with dead norns, I could set the mutation rate to zero and have the creatures never change through the generations, or I could splice them with first-gens instead of themselves. I found the latter to be the most interesting option I could choose without sacrificing speed, so that is what the current script does.

However, for those of you that care less about highgens and more about interesting creatures, I will provide this older version. It includes a check that culls stillborns, creates three creatures at a time instead of one (to provide as backups in case of stillborns), and exports about every hundreth creature instead of every thousandth (but instead of only exporting creatures that end in "00" it basically gives every creature a 1% chance to be exported, so the actual generations that are exported are random).

Keep in mind that creatures resulting from this script are still very likely to suffer a lot of handicaps, since they still don't need to be able to move, eat, sleep, breed, etc in order to be spliced. So you are still pretty likely to end up with sliders, creatures stuck in certain ages, creatures unable to perform basic functions, and so on. But hey, at least they'll be alive.

You can download the old script here. As always, use at your own risk. This version hasn't been tested very well at all.

Be sure to post some of your highgens and other interesting creatures to TCR and show them off! I'd be interested in seeing what creatures you guys are producing.

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  1. Yay!!! I will definitely update some of my resulting norns to the TCR! Thank you so much! :)