Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 15

I managed to finally get the emerald to try out the lift, and the first thing she did after finding a little peace and quiet was to take a long, restful nap. 

A ton of frustration later, I managed to get the other three up too. Goldie mom is hiding in that lift too, though you can barely see her.

Goldpixie also discovered and embraced the joy of quiet naps, but she seemed a little disoriented and upset when she woke up staring into the wide blue sea. 

Meanwhilethese three explore and ask questions about their environment. What is this funny implement that shoots out pellets? What is this pricky green thing? What is this hot grainy stuff between my toes?

O-oh. Well it seems Goldpixie wanted to try to catch a pufferfish for breakfast. Good luck with that. It's always mildly hilarious to watch the puffer fish sling norns up onto shore.

I grabbed the honeypot for them but they're still all wandering the desert complaining of hunger. Goldpixie jerks her head backward to dodge some particularly grabby emerald paws. Maybe she's mistaken her for the honey!

I haven't totally forgotten about the guys. It actually occurred to me that while this norn is alone in the incubator room, I might actually have a chance to teach him for the first time. I'm having a ton of difficulty trying to teach him 'fruit' though as he seems to only want to look at the hand when I'm around. Eventually, I guess he got tired and took a nap.


  1. I love how Goldpixie ran away from the ocean, only to return and fall right in. I imagine that Pufferfish is going to be very busy!

    As for teaching that lone guy, I've found that it's really difficult to teach words if "look" isn't already known. This is the reason why I usually teach verbs right away in Creatures 1... Otherwise, it's all about getting the timing perfect and trying not to say the wrong word for an object! Maybe he'll wander closer to the computer and make things a little easier for you!

  2. Try the Laptop device ( https://creatures.wiki/Laptop ) - it's got a group of important verbs and nouns for survival.