Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 12

Some of these norns are more excited about leaving the incubator room than others. This emerald seems downright horrified.

So she goes to hide behind a pillar while everyone else is, for the first time, learning how to express themselves! I've gotten so used to nornish bibbling, I wonder how actually hearing their needs expressed will affect my attachment to these creatures.

Mama Goldie angrily mashes the lift button! Is she perhaps fed up with her respons-egg-bilities (wow, sorry, that was bad) and wishes to explore the world below?

...Or maybe she knows that below, there are more eggs (and potential eggs) that need her attention. The emerald gently caresses her lover's cheek. Get a room you two!

No, it looks like mama goldie is back to check on her regular eggs. Maybe one day she will get down there, whether through courage or total accident.

But this crowd might be tiring of their adventure. It looks like someone just hit the lift button in hopes of getting back home.

'Stop Nature'? Uh, I mean, I guess you can try. Wow, there really are a lot of toys down here. I feel kind of awful for not picking one up and bringing it up to the incubator room early on.

Maybe it's time for another round of nutrient injections, if they're considering resorting to cannibalism.

Or maybe they're talking about those delicious tomatoes down below. Come on down, girls! It's not really all that bad, and there's eggs here too!

I'm not really holding my breath for that to happen, but it would be nice.


  1. I cracked up several times throughout this post! Respons-eggs-bilities is easily the new catch word of the year. And cannibalism tied in with that perfectly timed photo. Ha ha! At least it looks like that first group will be staying put in their new environment for now. Have you thought of hatching any of the paused eggs? Seems like the last newborn actually helped the entire population with the press of a button. Who knows what the next major step will be for this world? Ha ha!

    1. Hatching the paused eggs crosses my mind now and then, but I feel like this bunch is still such a handful as it is! I think if they do get out in the world and spread out a little I'll feel a little more inclined to bring in more life. I do have quite a few of these eggs lingering around the world now!

  2. Our usually happy emerald (if it's the same one) probably got stuck wallbonking and the pain caused the expression. Norn brains work really oddly (and differently between breeds) to the wallbonking stimuli, since they eventually feel enough pain to try to escape but not always understand where they should be escaping. Because some Norn brains interpret themselves as the source of pain, it becomes an utter mess...
    The stimuli worked through pain increase rather than pain so theorethically they should slowly learn after repeated wallbonks, but I think the combination specifically made some Norns less likely to do that; perhaps another sign the game wasn't beta-tested enough before release.

    But, well, given they fact they managed to stop Nova Subterras from religious wallbonking, made Canny breeds that don't wallbonk... It's possible!

    The big irony being, in the case of a Kannova brain which I had to work with the *name* of the creature appears to affect the way they treat wallbonking... Maybe it's something about hearing themselves say their name, I don't know. That, or randomly certain creatures were a lot worse at interpreting their instincts than others. But after all the testing almost none of my breed wallbonk much, which is great.

    1. Wow, that's fascinating. I'm glad wallbonking was at least mostly fixed in the refined genomes. I remember having a ton of frustration during my plays of super vanilla C2 with norns that would just run into walls until they passed out, with no real remedy. So far in this world they've at least stopped after a few minutes... here's hoping that problem doesn't get worse.