Monday, November 14, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 14

I was a little surprised Goldpixie didn't need any coaxing to do this. I remember spending what felt like forever in vanilla C2 trying to get someone to push this.

They seemed to be a bit confused as to where to go next, though, so they just wall bonked this invisible wall for a while. I think there's a cob that puts a bridge or something here? Maybe I should seek that out.

I'm not sure when or how that egg ended up in the water. Maybe these two are just looking for a way to kill stress after their youngest abandoned them. Maybe they plan to leave soon too, but want to hide all the eggs first.

I spent some time trying to coax Emerald and Goldpixie to use the lift again, and totally missed whenever goldie dad got back up into the incubator room! What's more though, the egg moms were gone!

They did it, friends! They've finally touched the surface! 

..But it seems getting to the surface wasn't the goal. Perhaps they were just trying to find Goldpixie all along.

What should probably be a touching reunion is tainted by the fact that everyone is exhausted, hungry, slappy, and now there are four norns crammed into a tiny space where the lift seems to invisible to them.

Well, at least these two mischief makers are getting some quality time together.


  1. It's funny how they all were reunited again! At this rate, everyone will just take one giant loop around to make it back to the incubator. I wouldn't put it past these silly Norns. And now I somehow really want to attempt to play Creatures 2 again soon... Look what you've done! Ha ha!

    1. Mwahaha! My evil plot is working! (Not really, actually, I'm not sure I would wish the heart-wrenching C2 world corruptions on anyone. I feel so lucky I've gotten this far!)

  2. The cob to increase the number of passageways including creating a bridge from that spot with the Science Kit is the Plato Project.
    I'd recommend using it or getting the Norns out of that spot yourself, otherwise they'll be in huge trouble; this space is waaaay too small for them.

    1. Ahhh the Plato Project, that sounds familiar. Thanks for letting me know. I will be trying to coax them out of that spot ASAP; it's just going to be disastrous (not to mention very boring) if they all just hang out there wall bonking forever