Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 13

It seems there's lots of turmoil among the egg-sitting trio. Slapfights breaking out, threats to eat each other, the usual drama in nornland

Maybe it's time we finally run, goldpixie and goldie mom wonder.

But its's the goldpixie that finally takes the leap. One last goodbye to the egg she's watched for so long...

And she descends with barely a farewell to her mother looking on.

The goldie boys are so busy playing with their pet robo-dog they don't even notice as she blitzes past them on her way to the next lift.

The goldie mom attempts to comfort the pixie mom after she has watched her child leave the nest. Taking her paw in her own, she promises a future of brighter times ahead.

Meanwhile, the Emerald informs her hebe lover that the time has come for her to part from him. Why? Where are you going? He implores her to answer.

Adventure comes the reply as the lift ascends.


  1. Nice to see a lot more adventuring and exploring going on! You got some adorable photos here of the Norns looking like they're holding hands. Even though I know how simple a lot of their behaviors are, I find that the ways they move, talk, act, and whatnot lend themselves to telling stories. I'm the corniest (and I failed to use that candy corniest joke for Halloween!) but it often feels like I'm watching a story unfold with each world I play, or watch. And it seems pretty clear that telling stories about Creatures is a very fun and enjoyable experience!

    1. I gotta say, most of the time I just sort of go through the screens and explain what's going on, but occasionally I look at the sequence of screens I've taken and realize there's actually a story there that I didn't realize was unfolding at the time I was playing. It still surprises me how much more I can get to know my world and my creatures just by taking the time to write down their story!

  2. Have you ever noticed the tomato plants or the nut plants getting "stuck in a particular pose", by any chance?