Friday, November 11, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 11

Another day in the world that has been going several hours with everyone falling over of starvation left and right and no one leaving the incubator room. Though thanks to Venithil's advice to inject them with reserve chemicals instead of just liquid food, they are falling down a lot less often at least. I really should just modify the liquid food injection to include max amounts of those. I've pretty much given up on these creatures learning to actually feed themselves anyway.

This was a surprise-- its been so long since an egg has actually grown large enough to hatch without a creature picking it up. What could be inside?

...Oh. Another male pure goldie. This is what, number three? Those goldies really got busy.

The newborn happily wanders around exploring his new world and pushing everything in sight, and no one thinks anything of it until--

Wait, really? Really

This world goes this long without anyone ever touching the lift, and then it takes a brave newborn, fresh and curious, to carry half the world population down into the unknown.

Good job, baby goldie.

These three girls I guess opted to stay and watch the eggs. I forget which of these are actually goldpixie's mom. I like to just imagine they both are. 

Meanwhile, everyone else ventures downwards to explore, look, and ask questions. Well, except the emerald 'eoeo' who doesn't seem too thrilled about the change of scenery.

It occurs to me that this might actually be the first toy these norns have ever seen? And the first vendor, too. Goldiedad seems rather excited to explore this new world his curious son has opened up to them.

Meanwhile... uh, I think I'm just going to call these three the Maids of Eggs.

I can't believe they finally left the incubator room. I was really just starting to think it would never happen. Maybe something exciting will happen eventually after all!

(Don't bet on it.)


  1. A young, revolutionary Norn...
    Is he the hero Albia deserves? Or merely the one it needs right now?

    Anyhow, it's great that the groups have split; some of them may actually SLEEP now!

    1. I guess we'll find out! Hopefully with some naps will happen along the way.

  2. Hurray for exploration! I, too, find it funny that it took this long, and it was a newborn who drove the change. Good to see that everyone is at least living a little better with the reserve chemicals, too. Fewer sad and exhausted faces is always exciting for me! It takes very little to make me happy in the world of Creatures. Clearly!

    1. It's about time, really! I too am appreciating having less sad faces (and less faintings for that matter!)