Friday, March 23, 2018

Nothing Exciting Resumes!

It’s been nearly a year and half since my last installment in this series, but a new tool is out in the wild and it’s given me a little inspiration to work with Creatures 2 again!

This tool, produced by Skerit, is called Albian Command. If you ask me, this tool is a total game-changer for Creatures 2 and may finally bring some love to one of the more neglected games in the series (well, not counting Creatures Village).

This modern control panel features a lot of helpful tools such as the ability to teach norns their full vocabulary, a customizeable autonamer, game speed control, and even the beginnings of a "warp" system that allows users to send creatures to each other! More features are planned, such as a creature backup option that will help to alleviate the pain of the inevitable world crashes and corruptions that make C2 so difficult to play long term!

I'm really looking forward to getting back into this world again! If you don't recall, Nothing Exciting was a world I started just to kind of get a feel for the default C2 world and norns before I started adding a lot of extra stuff. I decided I wasn't going to force myself to get attached and wasn't even going to bother naming the norns unless I felt like they 'earned' them in a sense. But it wasn't long before I was routinely injecting the poor helpless things with liquid food and other nutrients just to keep them afloat-- they were passing out left and right and the population probably would have ended pretty quickly without it.

As the world continued, the population remained hilariously entirely in the incubator room, crowded, sleepy, hungry, and miserable with no one brave enough to try the lift until part 11, when one curious baby finally sent everyone on a wild exploration adventure.

When I last left off at part 16, yet another pure goldie egg had just been laid, a bit to my dismay. The golden desert norns have been especially eager to reproduce in this population, and I suspect their genomes are more advanced than the defaults.

In the next couple days here I'll start documenting this world again, picking up at part 17. For the most part I still plan to let them do their own thing for now; it's been a year and a half after all and my memory is terrible. I will need to get the feel for things again, but then we'll see where to go from there!

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