Saturday, March 17, 2018

Arts Everywhere!

First off, in case you haven't heard, the CCSF 2018 discussion forum is online courtesy of ylukyun; check it out! The spambot protection question might be a bit of a trivia challenge that hopefully a quick wiki search can help you solve.

It's been awfully quiet over there. It's already March and my hopes of an earlier CCSF are starting to dwindle but maybe you can help spark some life into it! There's some debate about the best way to handle electing a coordinator if you'd like to weigh in. This year's initial survey also netted us a whole bunch of interesting ideas for events that you can contribute to as well.

Additionally, Civvi has made a compelling offer to those who plan on contributing to the CCSF-- a custom icon! You've probably already seen the shift around you as several members of the community update their icons to these newer and cuter versions. I'm personally thrilled with how adorable mine turned out. Don't miss out! You can check out more neat art on Civvi's tumblr and she takes commissions too!

Meanwhile, Pilla has been hard at work putting together cute linkback buttons for active bloggers and website maintainers! Want one? Put in a request!

In my experience, the Creatures community hasn't been an especially art-focused one, so it's really inspiring to see all this original stuff popping up! Who knows, maybe I'll get the nerve to pick up my stylus pen again someday.

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