Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Nothing Exciting, Part 19

After last installment's tragedy, we'll start out on a happier note here.


Cain travels across the sea to make a confession of overwhelming desire for Bambi, as Abby pays witness. 

She accepts his proposal (for however long that might last in norn society), and they kiss. Abby wipes the tears of pride from her eyes. 

Well, then I started getting the errors:

One of Albian Command's features is the ability to automatically dismiss error messages for you, which is great for wolfling runs that would otherwise be brought to a dead halt by even the tiniest macro error. But after catching a few messages flicker in front of me, I turned the feature off so that I could see what was going on in more detail. As the frequency of messages increased, I started to worry for the stability of the world.

Not wanting to risk a crash or world corruption, I figured this was as good a time as any to export everyone and start a new world. I had a ton of eggs scattered around that old world, so I hatched them all and exported them too. I figure if we run into some dire population issues I'll consider importing them, but to be honest I think even having eight norns is a little overwhelming to keep up with, especially when they've scattered themselves around so much. I've attempted to 'warp' a few of them out via AC's networking feature, so hopefully they've been having adventures elsewhere!

Meanwhile, we're back to square one of everybody hanging out in the incubator room.

Thankfully, no one wants to stay in that place. They've all had enough of that. Bambi and Dulcinea are the first to head right up into the treehouse for some fresh air. Dulcinea acts like she's never seen a cliff edge in her life before.

Dulcinea expresses how exciting it would be to just take a running leap off the edge! Wouldn't that be fun? Bambi does not agree and bids her not to.

But... she does it anyway. Bambi stares on sadly while Dulcinea, in a crumpled lump, questions her own actions. And who should be waiting below but the ettin, who is... totally confused by whatever just took place here.

The three of them make it across the (freshly installed) bridge and Bambi and Dulcinea just start wailing on each other in what became the most intense and long-lived slapfight I've seen this run.

It is relentless. The two continue to taunt each other in between smacks. They seem fairly evenly matched, each getting a fair number of hits in and wasting no time closing the gaps they create flinging each other around to only to raise their fists again.

Suddenly, Baxter strolls in, much to the shock of Bambi. But Dulcinea does not tolerate the interruption.

As the young goldie pounces with rage, Bambi sulks off, having had quite enough of this nonsense.


  1. It took me a good minute to realize why the Norn names sounded familiar, I've had 3 Baxters myself :D

    Interesting error, that "Sharing violation". I don't think I've seen that before. I do have a world that crashes upon boot, I thought it was because of eggs hatching but it is not. I'm only able to open said world using the blueberry4$ "World Open" method.

    By the way: Albian Command is actually able of getting the error dialog text content, but I'm not doing anything with it yet.

    Anyway: I'm loving these stories, keep them coming! :)

    1. Hah, that's the joy of autonamers! Are the names stored in a file somewhere where they can be mass-edited (and possibly shared with others?) It might also be neat to have Warriors-style names wherein the prefix and the suffix are chosen individually at random, making for a higher chance of a unique name.

      Huh, it could be useful to have an error log of caught/dismissed messages too! I am amazed at how much information you are able to pull from the game :P

  2. Errors! Nornish drama! Yet all I wonder is how the ettin got there.

    To get to where he is in this update, the ettin would've needed to enter the volcano, ride that lift all the way to the top, and then run all the way around Albia. Either he's really adventurous or he got moved there somehow.

    1. I can answer that, (well kinda). When I started this world I needed to have a creature selected to get the Ocean Bridges to inject properly. My norns were still exported at the time, so I went to select the ettin or grendel. When I tried to select them with Albian Command, maybe I clicked something else but instead of my camera pointing to the creature, the creature literally just FELL OUT OF THE SKY and landed in the desert where my camera was already pointed. This happened with both the ettin and the grendel but I haven't been able to reproduce it since. It was pretty hilarious though and I decided to just let them hang out up there.