Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nothing Exciting, Part 16

Pixie mom decided to take a refreshing dip, but thankfully the puffer fish is there to keep an eye on her. I'd like to think she learned her lesson after that, but past C2 experiences have taught me otherwise.

Last I saw, this goldbaby was still hanging out under the incubator room, so it surprised me a little when I tabbed around to find him all the way out here! Jessica suggested a while back that the young and unjaded might help the world along in their own curious ways. I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see him wandering so far!

After having very little luck with goldie dad, I tried to teach this younger one some words while he was alone, but that seems to have backfired and now he's calling himself "fwuit."

Looks like the older goldie has crossed the bridge from the desert to come say hello. Young goldie is shocked!

Or maybe just smitten.

She seems unimpressed, however, and joins her emerald friend for a vacation.

A relaxing nap on the beach will rejuvenate anyone. Seeing all this sand and sunlight had me craving some lemonade, so I stepped away just for a moment to grab some.

When I come back though, I caught these two kissing behind the bush. Come on guys, I really don't need another pure goldie egg!

...Sigh. Well, okay then.


  1. Don't you know better? Stepping away for even a minute is like an invitation for Norns to make mischief! Ha ha! Nice to see that there's a good deal of exploration going on. I do believe "fwuit" is the cutest name, and it's hilarious that he decided to go and name himself that. It's not particularly productive, yet these little sorts of accidents make the game all the more endearing!

  2. Seems like even the 'dumdum' norns that were kept in confimenet forever can occasionally fall asleep once they have personal space... only to mate and need sleep again.

    Also, aren't most Goldiemom pregnancies pure Goldies? And isn't that her kid? What's with these parenting decisions?! She's got enough eggs!

    It's really funny how these Norns completely flip about their ability to speak. They can articulate complex emotions like "Intensely friendly" or "Very hungry, get food", but they'll still call themselves fwuit and say push dat or push bub.

    1. Haaah.... yeah I wasn't going to draw attention to it because it breaks my immersion, but that is totally goldiemom's kid. Sigh, norns.

  3. If I recall, in C2 there's an option to see exactly what the creature is looking at as well as turn the hand invisible.

    1. I do often use the norn's eye view to see what they are looking at, but they seem to change their target of interest so quickly that they are looking at something else by the time I finish typing the word.

      I forgot about the invisible hand option though; I should make use of that. Norns can still hear commands from an invisible hand, right?