Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hera: You miss a day around here...

Wow. This has been quite a day! I honestly can't remember the last time I had this much fun playing this game. I don't know if it's the script, or just the circumstances, or the fact that I'm blogging about it and get to have all kinds of interesting discussions with you guys, or maybe just that these are seriously interesting creatures, but I am honestly loving this world and the creatures therein. 

But I've got a lot of events to cover, so we'll get started. It was no real surprise that PinkiePie was chosen to be the carrier of the next egg, considering she was all alone up there in that tree, resting her life away. But I was surprised to see another astro head poke out of the egg! Could it be that Stella contributed yet again? But no, on further examination, this baby was a product of Amina and Rishi!
To be honest, I was hoping for a little more genetic diversity, but fair is fair-- it looks like Amina has some promising genes-- she's now both a genetic grandmother as well as a genetic mother. Who would have guessed, considering all her stubbornness in the beginning! I named the new baby Kindi, and she instantly took quite a liking to PinkiePie. PinkiePie seemed to like the newcomer just as much, and seemed to nearly give up her resting habit! I had high hopes for her score recovery, and went to work on my next task: getting Rishi out of the swamp.

The swamplands, I am reminded, are a big, big place, and Rishi seemed to want to stop and rest a lot. But I kept encouraging her to go right, and after quite a bit of traveling, as we approached the pond on the eastern edge, I noticed her bulging belly. What must it be like, I wonder, to be on a long journey, preparing to leave your homeland, and suddenly finding yourself pregnant! Rishi didn't seem to mind at all, laying her egg with quite a smile, before wandering over to munch on some pears.

But I was distracted from this newly-laid egg when I noticed an unfortunate death notice. I cringed, hoping it wasn't another case similar to Ginger's. But no, it was PinkiePie, whom I guess had finally managed to rest herself into a permanent slumber. All signs pointed to a natural death due to lack of the Life chemical. I'm not sure how much of her aging is genetics (considering she pretty much skipped the Old stage, I think that is a factor) and how much is the script, but I do wish she had been able to snap out of her rest addiction a little sooner and buy herself some more time.

I was surprised to see Amina there with her, approaching her for company. Not to keep gushing over Amina, but she's turning out to be a quick traveler as well, considering the last time I saw her, she was at the other end of the bridge. Then over in the corner, Kindi was resting. Oh dear. I do hope she's actually tired and hasn't just picked up poor Pinkie's fatal habits

I noticed that Stella, below the bridge, had also joined the ranks of the aged. It's just a little sadder, knowing that this old age could have been postponed had she only had the foresight to eat seed instead of eat ettin. Gladly though, we should hopefully be seeing a lot less of this premature aging in the future, since the altered script is quite a bit more forgiving, and creatures shouldn't be stuck with debilitating scores of 100 so often. 

I went ahead and lowered the breeding limit back to seven. Two new babies in such a short time was enough, and even with the population slots empty,  I didn't want a third just yet. This hatchling, yet another Rishi/Amina cross, was all alone in the swamps. I called her Kayla, and hoped that she would either find company, or be able to raise herself well, as Rishi had already moved on in her journey.

Yes, Rishi, oddly enough, made her way into the volcano to find... Lilac had beat her to it! I don't know what caused this burst of wanderlust in Lilac... perhaps she is just determined to keep Rishi nearby. I am still a little suspicious of Lilac's motives considering her violent behavior in the past, but I'll just keep an eye on them for now. I'm hoping to guide Rishi up towards the surface of Albia, in hopes that she will finally get to meet others of her kind. As always, we'll just have to see what happens.


  1. Very interesting to read these, keep it up :]

  2. Three cheers for "inbreeding." Woo! \o/ Ahem.

    Nice to see that things are picking up...somewhat. *Insert generic "Keep going" comment here*