Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hera: A Slice of Life

I figured I would just do a quick video update today instead of a huge write-up, but, hilariously, when I got it all done, I discovered I forgot to hit record on the software I was using to record the narration! Since it was all live, I couldn't exactly redo it, but in the end I think having the video speak for itself was fairly effective. It's almost peaceful to watch.

And if you find it too boring to watch, I'll sum up the most important details:

- Amina has become a bit slappy, but Kindi loves her anyway.
- Amina attempts to dive into the waterfall, to a painful end.
- Lilac really enjoys splatting herself in the face with tomatoes.
- Welcome Lyra, genetic daughter of Amina and Elm.
- Welcome Shimmer, genetic daughter of Amina and Cyana.

Did you guys make any other interesting observations?


  1. That was nice to watch, though I wonder what your commentary would've been like :] Both new norns are very pleasant-looking, too. A shame though that Lilac hasn't gotten her score low enough to be a 'parent'.

    A very unrelated, stupid question that the video reminded me of - I sometimes accidentally turn on that tooltip thingy and I can't figure out what's the shortcut to disabling it, I tried to look for information via Google but found nothing.

    1. Haha, that tooltip thingy, I probably should have turned it off for the video but I'm so used to having it on for development that I didn't even notice XD
      Ctrl+Shift+D should toggle it!

  2. I loved when Kayla laid the egg, and proceeded to express how she wanted to eat it. A cannibal in the making? Ha ha! Norns say things innocently enough, but they're quite comical without trying to be funny.

    Hurray for little Lyra! Have you ever tried using the Creatures History Update? It's located near the bottom of the page, and shows a lot more information on the page. For instance, the name and picture of the parents are shown, so you never have to navigate all around to figure out who was the mother and father. Pretty nifty!

    Rishi seemed excited about attempting to eat her egg, too! Shimmer is gorgeous: That blue hue is amazing.

    It really wasn't bad without any commentary, although I'm sure you would have liked it to have been there! My recording software usually needs a test recording before it starts working, for some reason. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ooh, thanks for the reminder. I used to have the history update but since I reinstalled DS there had been a few things I hadn't got around to adding back in, heh.

      I'm not sure if I'm upset or relieved about the lack of commentary-- It wasn't the best or most exciting, but I did have some amusing reactions, especially when Kindi was proclaiming how happy she was and how much she loved Amina, all while Anima was beating on her; poor thing! Kind of a shame to lose that. Ah well.

  3. Funny how Anima was originally the norn that was the hardest to care for, but now seems to be the one mothering all the babies. Speaking of whom, that scene at the waterfall was amusing. For some reason, Anima just gave off that "I meant to do that" vibe when she walked away afterwards.

    It was also amusing watching everyone who laid eggs wanting to eat them. At least they aren't becoming fixated on it.

  4. I found the video very entertaining and enjoyable! Your norns seem to be as puzzling as mine. I am too curious to what your reactions and commentary were though so I would have preferred to hear them. Still a good video though!

    With all of these videos people have made it kinda makes me want to make one of my own.. What software did you use and can you edit it?

  5. I encourage you to consider trying commentated videos again, I'd love to see some more Creatures commentary out there! Really enjoyed the ones by... Jessica? *checks* Naw, Lusewing. It would be great to see more of that sort of thing.

  6. Shimmer is so cute >.< if you dont mind me asking how do you get them all different colors like Cyana i cant figure it out