Friday, March 16, 2012

Hera: The Setup

I was reading an article recently that mentioned Hera, a Greek goddess of womanhood whom, according to some iterations of mythology, conceived her children without the aid of a male. Considering the nature of this scenario script, I thought it might be fitting then, to name this world after her.

I’ve determined that Hera will center around the C2inDS metaroom. I spent some hours setting up the world to ensure it is a habitable place for norns. It was a bit time-consuming, since I opted to set up all the transportation manually, including adding CA links and bridging the seas:

The little blue vine in the bottom left is something I'm kind of alpha-ing right now: a variation on the elevines that is classified as a door, and sets up a proper CA link between posts to aid in creature navigation. I've been toying quite a bit with CAs lately and have been a little surprised how many metarooms lack proper CA links, or proper room types, as well as how many food sources and other agents don't emit CAs, making it hard for creatures to find them. But that's a tangent post for another day.

When it came to picking the creatures, I decided a variety would be best, to encourage some genetic diversity from the start. I grabbed an assortment of girls from many places including my export folder and TCR. To keep things on even ground at the start, I let the younger girls mill around a little in another world until they reached adulthood. Meet the ladies!

First up we have PinkiePie, who isn't so pink after aging through to adulthood! This is a creature of Malkin's that I saw on TCR, and thought it was cute enough to add to my world. As a SERU creature, she may have some interesting quirks or mutations show up later on-- I just hope none of them cause complications. After import, I figured she might want to start her exploration of this new world with some fresh coconuts on the island!
Next, we have Stella, an 11th generation instinctless norn that managed to make it to adulthood with no hand-teaching. Is this dumb luck, or a brilliant mind? I guess we'll find out when the script starts scoring her. She's a lucky one, as I decided to place her in one of the most fruitful gardens of Albia. It may have everything she needs, but hopefully she'll find the courage to travel from it eventually, as having a good score in this world depends highly on a creature's sense of adventure.

Did I mention that this script doesn't discriminate based on species? Norns, Ettins and Grendels all have an equal chance of getting their genetics into the pool. I was glad of that when I found Xuxu, an ettin-cross uploaded by Ylukyun to TCR. With body parts from all sorts of creatures, I hope she does well; I would love to see those genetics passed on. She started out in the potion mixing lab with rather little sustenance around her; hopefully she has some good hunting instincts!

Next we have a very special norn, Amina, adopted from Discover Albia's CreatureLink project! This is the daughter of Brenlee and Nevorria, the first Alpha pair in Jessica's C3/DS scenario world. With that sort of of lineage, I certainly hope she is hardy enough to contribute to the next generation-- especially because I would love to contribute some of her descendants back to the project! I started her off in the cozy incubator room (despite the lack of any actual incubators!)

I really wanted a grendel to round things out, so I went digging through my exports folder and found Lilac, a generation 5 splice that was warped to me by KittyTikara on the 7th of February. I don't remember my motives for keeping her, but I am glad I did! It took her a long time to reach adulthood, two hours, but after milling around in the holding world for a while, she was finally ready to explore Hera. I decided she might enjoy starting out in the damp swamplands, considering her aquatic appearance of her lineage.

Also in my exports folder, I discovered little Loorea, a rather interesting gen 117 crossbreed warped to me by xlx_jodie_xlx on February 12th. Curious to see what interesting genetics she might bring to the group, especially with those butterfly wings and fish tail! I started her off by the waterfall, uncertain if she longed to fly or swim.

Instead of writing up a long and detailed description of exactly how this scenario script works, I'm just going to give a brief overview right now and explain the details as things progress.

As a reminder, the goal of this script is to maintain an all-female world of creatures that enjoy traveling and can take care of themselves. All creatures will be born female by default. When the population drops below the breeding limit, the two girls that have shown the most promise will automatically have their genetics spliced and impregnated into a wandering creature, ensuring that the best genes are carried forward and the population doesn't die out.

Now, right now the population limit is set too low for any pregnancies to happen-- I'm going to wait until the girls have settled into their surroundings a little. My method of play for this world is going to be sort of casually nurturing. I’ll probably leave it running while I do other things, checking in every now and then to give struggling creatures some verbal encouragement. Though on the other hand, I might get completely attached to the creatures and feel the need to coddle them; we’ll just see how it goes!


  1. Awesome, I didn't expect you to start so soon. No doubt this will be fun.
    I too have been really surprised and annoyed by the lack of CAs. Considering I've been trying to create migrating creatures a lack of CAs often makes things difficult.
    I'd love to get my hands of the new 'door' elevines. If you need a tester let me know. And if you can come up with a solution for the lack of CAs I think I'd have to hug you.

    1. Hah, I was a little eager to start I guess. CAs are something I'm sort of just venturing into the world of (the rabbit hole of CAOS has so, so many tunnels!), so hopefully some good will come of it!

  2. This looks awesome! Great to see Amina in there with the other females: I hope she fares well! I love the diversity among the creatures, too. I like to think I play in a "casually nurturing" way most of the time... Yet it's just so hard to sit by and watch a creature struggle! When just a little help is needed, I find it almost impossible to not step in. Good luck with the script: I hope things turn out well, and that any issues are minor!


    *Ahem* Yeah, lack of CA gets on my nerves, too. How do you expect creatures to use your lifts when they're not even linked properly?

    Besides that, I'm interested in learning about what modifications you made to the room (just because I like modifying rooms as well and enjoy hearing about other people doing it). And of course, I'm looking forwards to seeing how that script functions.

  4. I was just wondering, do you have a link to where you got the bridges for C2toDS? I've been looking for an agent like that, and I've been unable to find one. (:

    1. Sadly, I do not >: That's something I had to piece together manually. Maybe I'll see how difficult it is to write it into agent form though!