Friday, March 23, 2012

Hera: A Fairer Re-scoring

So I went ahead and tweaked the script to make it just a little more friendly. Low drives now have an even stronger weight in lowering a creatures' score, and there is no longer a penalty against creatures that sit in one place. Creatures now get a much larger point reduction for traveling as well. Additionally, the point gains and losses have been reduced by about 5x, so now a creature's score will slowly climb up and down now instead of jumping dramatically. To make everything fair under the new score system, I then reset everyone at a score of 75, and let them mill around a little.

A lot has been changing. PinkiePie, for one, has skipped the old stage and gone right into ancient, gray fuzzy hair and all. All that time spent at a score of 100 while she was resting did her no favors. Sad thing is, she seems to be resting even more now, and I have to slap her out of it every time. But all it takes is one slap-- then she's up and moving, eating, playing with toys, generally being a good norn until she decides to rest again. Maybe she's just incredibly lazy?

Lilac and Rishi's relationship has been pretty rocky-- I've tabbed over quite a few times to see Lilac beating on a now-adult Rishi. I think it's seriously about time that Rishi struck out on her own, if only for the sake of her own skin. She grew up in a comfortable land of almost infinite food, but there comes a time when every norn must leave that which she knows and make her own way in the world (especially if those around her are acting...violently).

Our delightful trio, Stella, Amina, and Loorea, have managed to travel out to the bridge, and are still huddled together! Norns traveling in groups? That's not something I see often. Sadly, it seems Loorea is doing quite badly, having aged to old already (though gaining a nice shade in the meantime!) and maintaining a pretty high score. Amina is still at the top of the pack, score-wise.

I know at this point I should up the population like I planned, but there's so much else I feel like I want to do first! I'd like to encourage Rishi into some traveling; I'd like to see if I can help Loorea get on the right track again! But I know that if I wait too much longer to open population slots, they're going to open themselves, especially as these creatures continue aging, so, here it goes. Amina is certainly likely to get her genes into this round, too, but if things continue as they are now, we could be seeing some offspring of Lilac!


  1. Are you certain PinkiePie is actually resting and not just really prone to Eat Elevator Syndrome? She is in an area that doesn't have a lot of food - it's possible she's falling asleep and getting hit with EES when she wakes up.

    If she is really resting, then that's odd. I've had rest-obsessed norns as well, but they were all in C3 standalone.

    ...Wow. CFE with eating issues and C3-only bugs in DS. This world's messed up, I daresay.

    1. She is indeed resting-- I ask her "what" and she replies "rest." But then I ask her if she's tired or sleepy and she says she's alert, so it's not like she -needs- the rest. It really is strange; she's actually got a lot of food and toys in that area, so there's no lack of stimuli.

    2. I think she's got some Bondi in her heritage - her Dream Norn head certainly points to it.

  2. I still love seeing Amina in this world, even though everyone deserves lots of attention! It's nice to see a group of Norns, although this herd behavior seems a little out of character. Loorea looks beautiful in old age: Hopefully she'll be able to take care of herself better! Having her appearance genes mix with the others could make for very pretty Norns. Yeah... I have really lofty scientific hopes at this point! Ha ha! The script seems to be coming along nicely with your latest changes. I envy your skills with coming up with these ideas and implementing them!

  3. What Malkin says is true, dream norns have bondi genome, and bondi norns are lazy :p

  4. Can we download this scoring system? It seems cool.