Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Nothing Exciting, Part 29

I had been getting a bunch of these concerning errors again, and a few world crashes later I decided maybe I should move worlds before things went totally pear-shaped. After exporting everyone, out of utter curiosity I tried hatching the other cloned egg, just in case. What emerged was a plain generation 1 Hebe norn, which, while hilarious and strange, wasn't something I needed in my world right now. I opted to leave him out of this round. The inner workings of C2 are such a mystery to me.

While I've been running these world with very few updates, patches, or cobs, I decided to get a little crazy with this one and see how it affected my gameplay. I made note of everything I injected, so hopefully if something goes wrong I can narrow things down. But I'm not sure why, for the life of me, I thought injecting the fishing update was important when I was going to inject the ocean bridges anyway. Oh well.

I imported Ben first, and realized right away that I wanted to take a little more time to teach him before importing the others-- a rare moment of privacy rife with educational opportunity.

I spent several minutes with him, teaching him words, how to eat, and so on until his only drive was a mild loneliness. He was such a happy baby, or so it seemed.

It wasn't moments after I imported Colm that the exhausted expression fell over Ben's face and he began to regret expressing any desire for companionship at all. Socializing is hard work.

Colm wonders why his arms are suddenly attached to the corners of his mouth. These are the mysteries.

I spent a lot of time in the beginning making sure Ben loved the hand, in hopes that I could persuade him more easily to follow me later. As Ben is professing his adoration, Colm, who was headed towards the lift, suddenly turned around and felt that he had to say something.

Even as he naps, Ben murmurs his wishes. But Colm seems to firmly disagree with such an idea. I might need to take some time to train him too. 

I didn't forget about Eric, even though I don't think I've really mentioned him since he was born. When I imported him I moved him up to the desert so as to not crowd the other two.

I really wanted to teach him some words, but he kept running away every time I sat down the laptop to play with something. At least he has a healthy desire for exploration.

I decided to import Amber and Adam together onto the bridge. Adam seems a little bit annoyed by all this moving around.

I initially imported Doreen to the other side of the bridge, but those legs won't stay still! I'm sure she'll meet the others soon.

Annd.. oh dear, it looks like Eric just figured out what happens when you push weather with Clouds of the Gods injected! That update alone is sure to make things more interesting. I hope this world stays stable long enough to see how these updates impact things.


  1. Now that you've switched worlds, will you consider suggestions for further addons? :) I'd love to see someone playing with my modified carrots & potatoes ( https://creatures.wiki/Modified_Carrots_%26_Potatoes ).

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely consider it. I'm trying really hard to not get carried away too quickly, but there's so much neat stuff out there!