Friday, April 6, 2018

Nothing Exciting, Part 24

I'm glad Doreen and Adam seem to be enjoying each other's company, but wow it is taking a long time for Doreen to reach a fertile age! I guess I am just unfamiliar with C2's aging mechanics, but she's over an hour and a half old! In DS, norns are fertile in under an hour, so this is taking some used to. Maybe I need to dig out my old 'annotated' guidebook from the basement and re-familiarize myself with some core game mechanics.

As Doreen innocently chases a cloud, my heart freezes for a second as I notice a death notice in the corner.

It's Bambi. This probably could have been prevented if I had been paying closer attention since it was probably a starvation death, but I put too many of my proverbial eggs into the basket of matching up Doreen and Adam. I really need to set up some alerts or something for when a creature falls unconscious. Maybe when we move to the next world I'll try injecting The Eye of All-Seeing.

I'm actually kind of in trouble right now! This leaves me with only four norns left in the world. I think it's time we stop milling around-- this population has to start picking up or this world is pretty much doomed. 

If I'm pairing off Adam with Doreen, Amber's got to get busy with Baxter. As I send her (mid-nap) up the lift, Baxter reaches upwards, already interested in his potential companion.

He offers her a tomato, but she seems to think it would be more interesting to consider jumping down the lift shaft.

Baxter approaches Amber for a tickle, but she alerts him to the nearby grendel who is just minding his own business, reaching for a cloud.

Amber expresses... loneliness. A little bit odd, considering she is far from alone. Perhaps she is still mourning the loss of Bambi, or perhaps the companionship she is looking for lies on the other side of the bridge.

She pauses to rest, lamenting her loneliness still.

Baxter manages to not only chase after, but get ahead of Amber. As he attempts to reason with her, they are interrupted by voices up ahead.

So here, the four norns remaining in this world are united. What's more-- Doreen seems to have finally come of age...

And she's expecting!

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