Monday, April 2, 2018

Nothing Exciting, Part 22

Despite all the death and illness going on, at least someone is keeping a positive attitude. Baxter admires the wonder of a cloud floating without a care through the sky. He aspires to be like that cloud, going with the flow of the wind.

I am trying really, really hard to cheer Bambi up, but she's really just not having any of it. Toys seem like such shallow, meaningless things in a time like this, I guess.

Amber tries to help her feel better too, or at least feel less alone.

Up above, the grendel and ettin are still milling around the desert, chasing doozers.

Abby's getting worse. Now she's bashing herself repeatedly into the water fountain, completely ignoring my pleas and nudges. I guess I'll just keep hoping she snaps out of it somehow.

Doreen seems to be doing okay, enjoying her youth with a top I dropped in the incubator tunnel. She now remains as the only member of the fourth generation and she'll be of breeding age soon. Despite the many problems inherent in this stock genome population, I don't know that I want it to die out just yet.

Adam is still hanging out near the tree, tending to the flowers. He's really the best possible candidate for a mate, despite his age. I'd rather not have any more pure goldie babies, you know?

I decided to start the process of trying to coax Doreen over to that side of the world. In the meantime, I hoped to get Bambi out of that miserable cave, but she hopped the lift right back down again.

Getting a C2 norn to go where you want it to go is such a challenge! Sometimes I can get her to 'come hand' but other times I end up grabbing the object of her attention and using it to lure her in the direction I want her to go. I think she felt a little betrayed when I dropped her toy only to suddenly hit the lift button. 

In perhaps defiance, Doreen ignore my pleas to go left and instead takes a right into the preferred hangout spot of the grendel. I'm a little concerned about them interacting since Dulcinea's mysterious demise coinciding with the grendel's suspicious presence, but I keep a close eye on them.

Eventually they are joined by the ettin, who tries to make some small talk about the weather, much to the grendel's annoyance.

Finally I manage to get Doreen's attention again with a toy car, and she begrudgingly follows.

Finally she meets up with Adam, who is carefully poking at an ant hill. Doreen shows no mind and steps right over it and past him.

 She strolls over the ocean bridge, headed towards the volcano. Hmm, maybe I went a little overkill with those 'left' commands.

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