Thursday, November 23, 2017

Some Yule Nostalgia

Do any of you remember the 1999 Creatures 3 Yule Pack? I remember that year all I wanted for Christmas was Creatures 3. I had spent the last almost two months dying of jealousy as I watched other members of the community play their copies, just released at the beginning of that November. My naive and hopeful child mind believed that in the worst case scenario, someone would 'simply' convert the C3 world, breeds, and agents to work in C2, of course! Oh, the absurd faith I had in the sorcery of the development community, like they could just wave a magic wand and make all our dreams come true! Kid-me wanted nothing more than to join their ranks, but even now knowing as much about CAOS as I do, I cringe at the idea of attempting such a project, knowing how much effort such a venture would have been and how vastly different and limited the final product would be to even sort of work within C2.

But thankfully I did find my copy of Creatures 3 under the tree and did not have to spend years hoping a developer would undertake such an absurd project. Though I'm sure I got other gifts that year, I certainly don't remember any of them. Perhaps that's why the old C3 Yule pack holds so many memories for me, as it was part of my introduction to the game as well as my holiday memories.

I've been wondering for a while if anyone's ever converted the agents to work in undocked DS worlds, but so far my searches have yielded only one result, KittyTikara's Modified Yule Lights (and they are fantastic!) So I decided to take a stab at the rest of them, just to appease my nostalgic soul. Most of them are pretty quick and dirty conversions, but I did add missing stims to several of the toys and tweaked a few other things along the way that I've forgotten the details of by now.

You can download the pack here! It contains the following agents:

  • Yule Booze
  • Yule Car
  • Yule Crackers
  • Yule Ettin Tree
  • Yule Fireworks
  • Yule Food
  • Yule Ettin Tree
  • Yule Norn Tree

You'll still need C3 installed for some of the agents that borrow C3 sprites, like the Crackers. I did not convert the SuperClean kit (I just didn't find it terribly necessary or festive, sorry) or the Yule Lights (since a great conversion has already been done).

If you're a fan of Creatures lore, I will make one very strong recommendation for this pack. Take a look at the in-game help files for each object! There's an awful lot of amusing and silly hints at the origins of traditions among the norns, ettins, grendels, and shee alike.

Maybe it's a little early, but I hope you all have a lovely holiday season!

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