Friday, November 24, 2017

Easy Multi-Agent Packaging

I gotta say, I'm really glad so many Creatures players are embracing Discord as a means to connect. Discord brings back all the fond memories of old-fashioned IRC channels like JRchat and Sine, but with tons of modern features like easy embedding of images and files into messages, not to mention all the neat bots that are out there.

I was lurking around in the Caos Coding Cave server when Pilla mentioned a wish for Monk/CAOS2PRAY to handle the PRAYing of multiple agents into a single file. I remembered that RProgrammer was extremely helpful when I first emailed him years ago about making Jagent compatible with Garden Box agents, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if there was something he could do about it.

As it turned out, although bringing the ancient source of Jagent out of the dusty closet for an update would be a bit too much of a project, he was generously willing to throw together a tool for us to quickly merge agents together. To quote RP: "I'm calling it Monastery because it's lots of PRAYing together don't judge me."

In the interest of throwing this tool together quickly, it reuses Monk's original backsprite (designed by Embri) because that was on-hand, but remember that this isn't Monk at all! Instead of turning cosfiles into agents (and vice versa), it simply turns multiple agents into a single agent with nothing more than a click and a drag:

The name of the new 'bundled' agent is based on the filename of the agent you happen to click on when you start dragging your selection, but you can of course rename it to something more appropriate once it's generated!

You can download Monastery here and then share and rehost it as much as you like! RProgrammer has also mentioned that if anyone wishes to design an original backsprite for Monastery, he would be happy to replace the Monk sprite with the more appropriate image.

Thanks so much RP! And happy agenting!

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