Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Help Plan CCSF 2010!

It's time to start planning the wonderful festivity that will inevitably be CCSF 2010, and we need your input!

The CCSF 2010 Surveys are currently underway! Right now Survey 1 is open and will run until June 22nd. This first survey runs a bit longer to give us extra time to spread awareness, but later surveys will only be open a week, so hopefully we will come to a decision quickly.

Visit the CCSF 2010 Survey Center to input your ideas! And please, please help spread the word of this around as much as possible! I would hate to have people show up with great ideas after things had already been decided.

Happy Planning!

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  1. Hey. I've been playing for awhile, I remember first playing creatures two, being totally wrapped up in the experience. I got Creatures Exodus awhile back and will boot it up and do wolfling runs, watch and raise norns, normally trying odd genetic oddities, and for my purposes love Seru.

    But, by the time I actually starting looking for a community for the game, I found it rather barren. It was before the original site closed down so I managed to get the extra content, but I gave up shortly after trying. I really want to get into making new genetics for the norns, making rooms and agents, but I really don't know where to start, or how to learn. Is there any sort of guide anyone has made?

    Thanks, I'll check here to see if anyone has anything to say, but feel free to email me at dcardguy@yahoo.com, and though I normally don't check it, I feel it appropriate to leave it here.

    Best of luck on all your projects, looked through everything and I see some great things in the works.