Saturday, August 1, 2009

On Creatures Fanfiction

I've always loved creatures fanfiction.. especially the multi-part series.. the epic stories with characters you can really get attached to. As a child my favorite series was the Holodeck series-- I still have the entire thing printed out and kept in page protectors in a special binder, hah.

I tried my own hand at writing creatures fanfiction at a young age, but never really got anywhere. Lately, however, I've had the remnants of a story start to form in my mind that I may, at some point, decide to pen down.

The basic premise behind the story is that it takes place on an alternate/secondary/future shee ark with several small terrariums, supposedly once used for experimenting with different creatures in different environments. Allegedly, this ark was also abandoned, but the creatures inside have taken it over, developing their own form of society.

One thing about this ark makes it very odd, however. The creatures are completely unable to produce offspring, no matter how much they kisspop. Instead, the population is maintained by mysterious eggs that occasionally appear in random areas of the ship.

The story, therefore, centers around the creatures as they seek to figure out where the eggs are coming from, how they deal with them, and so on.

I'd like to write it out eventually.. it's just another thing on my long list of creatures-related things I'd like to get to someday, heh.

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