Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Targeting certain norn breeds

Figured I'd write this down before I forgot it, and in case it helps anyone out.

It appears to be quite possible (and strangely simple) to create agents that will only affect certain norn breeds-- or at least the breed according to the head sprite.

The key string is FACE, and can be used something like this:

enum 4 0 0
sets va00 face
doif va00 = "a00d" or va00 = "a40d"
sezz "I have a chichi face!"

Such a command will cause all the chichi-headed norns in the world to proudly declare their heritage.

FACE returns the file name of the baby head sprite of the target creature. In this command, if the head sprite matches a00d (the baby male chichi) or a40d (the baby female chichi), the norn must have a chichi head. It doesn't matter what life stage the creature is actually at-- FACE will always return the name of the baby sprite.

You can also easily find out the head sprite name of a creature by targeting it and caosing, "targ norn sezz face". The creature will tell you his/her face sprite so you don't have to go digging through your image folders to find out what matches. Just make sure you get both male and female sprite names.

Now whatever havoc you decide to wreak on specific creature breeds is up to you. You might make a toy that comforts treehuggers, calms down hardmans (hardmen?), poisons toxics, and so on.

I'm still trying to see if there's a way to retrieve the names of sprite files of other body parts. It would be neat to have a script that allows norns with butterfly bodies to fly, or to allow creatures with magma tails to emit heat. No luck so far though.

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