Saturday, February 4, 2012

Garden Box Preview

I am so, so tired right now. So here is a teaser video, and I will make a more formal post later!


  1. Oh wow, that is possibly the coolest addon for C3/DS I've seen! Can't wait to see the full write up.

    And yes...poor SERU creature :(

  2. "Here, I like this one." While that was probably coincidence, it was still hilarious.

    Anyway, nothing here I have to say that I didn't already state on Ctopia that's relevant to the Garden Box, other than that I'm eagerly (and patiently, mind you) awaiting its release.

    1. ^*Creature promptly glares venomously at the camera* Don't know how the heck the blog thought that was formatting....

    2. XD And I love how it tries to run off screen after I set it down. Clearly only one of us was happy with that arrangement.

  3. Can't wait until this is done. :D

  4. First of all... You have a great narrating voice!
    Secondly, this may be the agent that'll get me back to playing Creatures 3. I stopped playing for a while, mostly because it was a constant disruption when my boyfriend was visiting (just try to explain "Oh wow, look at that cool mutation!" to somebody you were just cuddling with) and partially because it was getting old but damn... This is amazing! I -love- decorating. SO. MUCH. Can't wait to see this released!