Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Magic Words Demo

Wow, sorry for the lack of updates. There simply just hasn’t been a lot to write about-- I’ve mostly been spending a lot of time revamping the framework for LNA. There’s not a whole lot of visible changes, but things overall should be running a bit more fluidly and I’ve made it a lot easier on my end to make updates and changes, tailor scripts to certain worlds, and so on.

A lot of this is in preparation after Don’s announcement that hopefully the DS server’s registrations will go back up this month. In anticipation that this will result in a bit more traffic for LNA as well, I certainly want to be prepared.

Oh, and just a little preview of something else that’s been occupying my time:

Just a quick demo of the "magic words" core module I'm working on, as well as the auras module.
The core module basically allows the use of speech-bubble activated scripts while additional modules define what words/phrases to react to and how to react to them. It's basically a foundation for writing interesting agents without having to deal with spriting/coding a GUI. There's a dynamic in-game help menu (not shown) that lists all the commands and what they do, (provided the authors of the modules were not too lazy to define descriptions for their scripts) so you don't need to memorize all the commands.

Anyway, the auras module is just a means of attaching a certain "aura" to a creature. Here I have large stars, small stars, butterflies, and bones (which needs work, it's a little hard to see right now). Useful if you just want to mark a favorite creature or separate creatures into various groups and be able to tell at a glace which group a certain creature belongs to. Still has a bit of work to go, but I figured I'd demonstrate the concept.

I really, really should probably avoid starting new projects when I have so much else to do, but I can't help myself sometimes!


  1. Oh wow, that's a really awesome video. I haven't seen Seru in use before and watching things happen via voice command was highly amussing.

  2. Awesome, as always! You know how I like the auras, and the voice commands are amazing. Very well done! Reminds me I have a message to write to you soon... I get so easily distracted when I have the time to play Creatures, though! Ha ha!

  3. Wow, thats great! It definately could be very useful for many things! I would love to use it to mark certain norns.

  4. Neat - I saw this in action on LNA recently, and was wondering what it was. :D

  5. Could this be adapted to automatically come on for very sick creatures, as a warning, a la C2?

  6. @Malkin -- It certainly could! That's another project entirely, though :P

  7. This is incredible! I absolutely love it and can't wait to see further development... especially with the auras! I think it's going to be a fun way to add a little extra awesomeness to some of my favorite norns :)

    Also, is that music from Ragnarok Online? It sounds really familiar!

  8. @Maddie -- Hah, guilty. RO was where I essentially grew up; the music holds a lot of happy memories for me, so a lot of my videos use it :P

  9. That's incredible. The aura mostly is something I wouldn't have believed possible.
    Her random name "Unwritten Dead" is just eerie though! XD