Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Overheard on LNA, Installment 1

I've been absolutely hit hard with personal family/life drama and really haven't been able to put much time into my Creatures ventures, but I'm still around. I've received a few messages over the last couple of days that have reminded me that people do get some joy out of the random stuff I throw together in the name of Creatures, so it's inspired me a bit to try and find more time to stay active in the CC. Thanks guys :)

I finally put LNA back online (It was still streaming, just an offline world), and it's a bit chaotic but the queue is starting to clear out. I thought this would be a good time for a little segment I've been planning called, "Overheard on LNA"

For those of you that don't know, LNA, or Live Nornish Action, is a live video stream of Docking Station hosted on Justin.TV (formerly on Ustream). Because it's publicly hosted, quite often random strangers will stumble onto the stream and leave very shocked messages in in the chatroom. Other times even regular visitors will have something odd to say. Some of these amusements have been screened for posterity and will now be posted here for your amusement, with usernames blurred out, of course:

Some of these are amusing enough to use as satirical slogans for the channel. I can see it now:
LNA: Right when I entered this channel, I believe I have developed a drug problem.
LNA: It's like the ewoks take over hell

...Okay maybe not. I think I'm just amusing myself now.

Next post when I get around to it will probably be an image dump of my latest pet world, Mixed Nuts.


  1. Oh gods that's hilarious!! XD is THAT what people think of Creatues? oh my! ^^