Thursday, April 2, 2009

Warp Week Oddities

Well Warp Week is halfway through, and my writing class got canceled today so I have a little extra time on my paws to tell you about it!

First off, Warp Week is a little community event that a few folks over at Creaturetopia have organized. It's a sort of celebration of Docking Station and its online capabilities. I've been pretty busy with classes though, so my participation mostly consists of leaving an open portal in my world that sends and receives any creature from anyone (of course, I keep the fast-ager trap injected in my world too so any of those beasts get automatically exported).

But I've been around enough to have a little fun. Yesterday was pretty chaotic, being April Fools day and all, there were creatures disguised as other creatures running around the warp, as well as misguided harlequins and bizarre floating norns.

Tuesday was a color-themed day, so I got to break out the genetics kit and send out wave after wave of colorful siamese, fallow, and harlequin norns. Since then, the non-colored norns coming through the warp are few and far between, so it seems their genetics have been generously shared.

One strange and sad morning, I woke up to find this sight:

All sliders. All apparently immortal and stuck as babies too. I wasn't sure whether to be creeped out or depressed.

Speaking of immortal, I've had this infertile, immortal norn in my world named Callagun since day one. As of now, he is 373 hours old. I've grown a bit attached to him, despite his oddities. For one, he doesn't move a lot. He's certainly capable of it, but perhaps immortality has led to apathy and he has no motive to go anywhere as a result. He doesn't talk much either--I expect for the same reason. I had to put him off in his own room though, because whenever he catches a disease, he suffers no effect from it but doesn't seem to fight it either, making him quite the disease carrier. All his hunger drives are constantly high, but never go down no matter how much he eats.I make sure he stays fed anyways.

On a similar note, my world has become overrun by norns that are not by any means immortal, but are extremely slow agers. I mean, they're 42 hours old and still in the youth stage. I might hang on to one just to see how long they'll live.

I have been keeping a mini video-journal-thing of this week, just taking a 1-3 minute video clip every day summing up the warping activities, but I haven't posted them anywhere. I might do that eventually.

Looking forward to this weekend!

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