Saturday, March 31, 2018

Nothing Exciting, Part 21

I spoke too soon. Way too soon.

Not a few moments after I started to feel hopeful for the future of this population, I got a notice that Cain had died. Of what, I don't know. When I last checked, everyone's health was over 75%.

Baxter seems a bit troubled by this development, but at least I won't have to guess who's who anymore.

But it gets worse. Another notice alerted me to the death of Dulcinea. This one hit me a lot harder! I had really become attached to her and her feisty attitude. I don't know what killed her either, but with the grendel lurking around her body, I can only imagine she finally tried to pick a fight with someone she really couldn't handle.

I'm really worried about Abby too. She's taken to bonking herself indefinitely into the corner, despite my better efforts to teach her otherwise.

She's really not all that healthy either, considering her number of starvation collapses in early childhood. I'm not entirely sure what 'drives support' does but I fear it's going to impact her ability to care for herself whatever remains of her future.

Still hiding in the underground, Amber and Bambi surround themselves with food and toys, quietly consoling each other. It seems they too are aware of the tragedies and concerns of their world, the uncertainty of their future.

Adam, whom we haven't checked in on in a while, copes with the stress by talking a walk halfway across the world, seeking isolation in an ancient tree.

From there he vents aloud his feelings about this mysterious force called Nature and how it mercilessly controls our lives.

Let's hope better times are ahead.

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  1. Aww, not Cain and Dulcinea! I really liked those two :(