Friday, March 30, 2018

Nothing Exciting, Part 20

With vicious threats despite her younger age, Dulcinea does her best to intimidate.

When that fails, she insults him, telling him what she really thinks about him.

Baxter uncertainly tries to calm her down with a pat on the head.

That... that was a mistake. Glaring, frozen with red-eyed rage over the condescending act, she isn't sure whether to kill him quickly or draw it out.

Exhausted and apologetic, Baxter promises not to do it ever again. This seems to appease Dulcinea a little.

Meanwhile, to the east, Bambi has fallen asleep leaning against the horn. The ettin follows her, giving her a surprise kiss as she dozes. 

Dulcinea begrudgingly calls off the fight, but orders Baxter to get out.

Baxter does, in fact, get out. He gets out about seven steps to the right, where he immediately kisspops Bambi. The ettin continues to hang around pushing and pulling, doing his best to get in on this interaction.

But when the egg comes, the ettin reconsiders his involvement with this impromptu couple. Bambi wonders about that doozer that seems to be constantly following them, too.

Then surprisingly, when no one is paying attention, the ettin grabs the egg and runs.

While all that nonsense goes on upstairs, Abby and Doreen spend some quality time bonding in the incubator cave, chasing a bat around. 

Who should show up to say hello but the grendel! I forget how dangerous these are in Creatures 2, but I don't remember them really being something to fear. It appears he is attempting to learn the local language here. He's at least got the 'u' down.

Even deeper underground, Amber finds some peace and quiet. While she was alone, I tried to teach her to eat, but found she lacked the vocabulary. A click of a button in Albian Command, and she was fully educated. I'm not sure I plan on using this feature too often, but with so much going on already, shortcuts like this can cut through the tedious bits and let me get back to enjoying the game. Meanwhile, once educated, Amber decides the doozer is no longer of value to her and considers making it a snack.

Bambi soon joins her in the quiet chamber. I tried to get her to eat too, but she passed out before getting anything into her mouth. As I injected her with the liquid food and defibrillant, I realized this is the first time since restarting this world that I've had to do that. Maybe the population is learning after all.

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