Saturday, March 24, 2018

Nothing Exciting, Part 17

Well, here we go again!

Albian Command brings something that, in my opinion, was very much needed-- an autonamer. I decided initially that I wasn't going to bother naming the creatures in this world because spending time coming up with names was not a level of effort I was willing to put in! But now that I can have autonamed creatures, I can better track who is who without having to put in the mental effort.

Time to re-introduce everyone, now that we finally have names! Here's Cain and Ann from where we left off, having just produced the latest egg (and seem to be regretting it between kisses and complaints of hunger).

Abby, the first gen Pixie who is taking a very, very long nap. I was a little concerned for a while that something might be wrong, but maybe this is just how C2 norns sleep and I'm just not used to it?? Come to think of it though, I haven't seen these norns sleep much at all, but apparently that's a pretty difficult task for the stock genomes, even the updated ones.

The surviving Hebe norn was autonamed Adam. Despite being surrounded by toys, he is frustratingly sad.

The Emerald norn, Amber, is pacing back and forth along the volcano's rim, occasionally stopping to flirt with the lift.

The lovingly nicknamed "Goldpixie" was autonamed Bambi. She's stomping around in the desert sands complaining loudly of hunger and completely ignoring whatever food I put in front of her. Sigh.

And now, the prolific look-alike Goldies! Here's Baxter, who has decided to chill in the incubator room for a while and look after the many (many, many) eggs scattered about.

And look who just hatched! It's the newborn Dulcinea, who seems to be on quite an adventure already, trekking to the other end of the bridge and trading tickles with her dad. I mean, Cain. I feel like the more I distance myself from any family-related references, the better-- considering it's overwhelmingly likely they'll end up inbreeding at some point.

Dulcinea wastes no time getting up to all sorts of childlike mischief, poking ants, splatting herself in the face with tomatoes, and hiding among the triffids. It's nice to see a baby norn wandering the world rather than being holed up in the incubator room. I admittedly did not even bother trying to teach this one any words-- it seemed best to let her enjoy her youth. I can always try to teach her later.

Ann looks as exhausted as I feel right now. No, this isn't Dulcinea again-- it's the new newborn Doreen! I was a little surprised to see another birth notice on my status bar, but it looks like Dulcinea has a practically twin sister! I don't even remember seeing an egg laid but yet here she is!

The two babies frolic happily bibbling through the flowers!

..And harassing their mom.

...Until she, out of frustration, runs into the sea. Geez kids, give Ann a break!

I hope you're proud of yourself, Dulcinea.

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