Sunday, April 8, 2018

Nothing Exciting, Part 25

Doreen seemed to not want to lay her egg for some reason. Even after injecting this cob, she squatted down but nothing came. Eventually I decided to use the remove function to create the egg manually.

I am not sure what went wrong here-- maybe I accidentally clicked twice? Two eggs appeared. The new parents seem very.... concerned about this development.

Baxter tries to comfort Doreen. "Don't worry-- you'll be such a great mom!" he encourages her enthusiastically.

Doreen is unsure. Very unsure.

Her uncertainty was with good reason. Don't get attached to this baby, as gorgeous as it is, because as soon as it hatched, a series of errors caused the game to crash.

My best guess is that both of those eggs contain the same genome, and maybe the game freaked out when it tried to create a creature with a genome that already existed in the world.

When I restarted the game, I decided to set those eggs aside for now and instead hatch an egg that's been sitting around for a while. With Bambi sadly deceased, I hope that little baby Colm can keep the Pixie genetics alive a while longer. (Who am I kidding though-- none of these creatures should be breeding.)

Just as I'm trying to teach this newborn his first words, Baxter suddenly, with no apparent reason, passes away.

Geez, this world might be on its last leg. I guess on the upside, there is now approximately zero chance of getting any more pure goldie babies. 


  1. HEY!
    Been playing the Creatures series again since last year. I noticed when installing onto my current PC (windows 10) that the genetics kits seem to crash whenever I load a genome and click on basically any of the genes, organs, or any part of the "inside" menus. Do you know if there's a workaround for this or what my problem might be?
    ...kinda bummed because playing with genes is the really fun part.

    1. Aww, that's a shame! I'm on Windows 7 and haven't even tried messing with the gene editor yet so unfortunately I can't be of much help. Have you looked into third-party gene editing software, such as GEL? It's not quite the same but it might be better than nothing. I hope you're able to get something working!

  2. Thanks. I'll give GEL a look. I've been using chris double's gene editor. The only problem I've encountered with that utility is that it crashes if I click on the genus gene, but other than that I can edit genomes just fine. I edit a genome of a living norn then when it breeds it will produce a baby with the new genome. Kind of mad scientist type stuff tho >_>

    Also, Your blog is great :D