Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Nothing Exciting, Part 26

Foo indeed.We're down to three adult norns in the world and the fate of the population is in their tiny paws.

Time for drastic measures.

While the trio seems very interested in passing the weird bottle around and chatting about it, no one takes even as much as the tiniest sip. I am not sure why I even thought this was going to work. 

Oh well. On the other side of the world, Colm clutches a hunk of cheese in his paw and stares at the laptop learning machine. There's so much he does not know. But perhaps right now that is for the best. The ettin and grendel that used to mill around up here are suspiciously absent.

When I tab back to the others, Doreen has.... jumped into the volcano, apparently either giving up all hope of repopulating, or is expecting and is hoping some radiation-induced mutation will give her next offspring an edge.

Well, she's not pregnant, so it's probably not that.

I shoo'd her off into the swamp-- the last thing she needs is radiation poisoning right now. She looks more exhausted than ever, poor thing. The task of repopulating your world is enormous, and I don't blame her for just wanting a quiet escape from it all.

Colm seems to have mistaken the computer's attempt to teach 'food' as instead a request for food. He offers his cheese to the glowing screen, hoping perhaps this will be the start of some kind of ...friendship?

Meanwhile, Doreen found the ettin. More than likely, this is a different ettin by now. I specifically do not enable the grendel/ettin selector because my hands are full enough with the norns. I also kind of like the idea of having these passing mysterious strangers whom we never really get to know.

After a long, hard day of learning what a toy is, Doreen falls asleep next to the deathcaps. Thankfully, she is smart enough (so far) to not eat them.

Meanwhile, Amber and Adam plod along in their tired little lives, ignoring the love potions scattered about. Good for them, really. They don't care about the world population. They just want to live their lives and do what they want. Really, I ought to just let things be. Let them enjoy the time they have.

While they are doing that, I'm going to try to hatch Doreen and Adam's egg again. Just one of them this time, since the second seems to be the one that crashes the game.

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